Not Liquid, But Vivid Dreams

Last night, I dreamt in a manner that’s officially called LUCID. It means, you are an oneiraunaut, one of those strange people on earth who can “direct” how their dreams while sleeping goes. You are asleep, you know you are dreaming, and you are actually directing the dream itself. I get to decide when to wake up in some instances. Ang weird ko diba! (Reader, are you weird too? LOL.) I get to travel anywhere in the world for free for as long as I am sleeping and in my dreams. Some psychics say it’s astral projection blah blah. But for me, it’s nothing more than a directed dream. I don’t know how I do it, but I can and I do it often. I did not know it was called a LUCID dream until I finally had enough curiosity to google the vivid dream occurrences as of late.

So, my latest dream happened to be about a girl who was with a very persistent guy. She stood him up on their wedding day (oh yeah, it was implied they were engaged) but the guy continued to pursue her. At first, the girl looked like me. But I did not like that, so she changed into somebody else in an instant– somebody I did not know. And I did not like the apartment setting, so suddenly they were on a picnic grove. I woke up at the moment they were about to make love.

Okay, maybe I was wrong about it being like a movie. It was more like a vivid mumbo jumbo of people, places and things. Oh, I was singing on a severe case of LSS (last song syndrome) of Liquid Dreams by O-Town the past few days; perhaps my subconscious was a little deaf and picked up VIVID instead of liquid, hence the increased lucid episodes of my life.

Some days, I feel so energized after waking up from a lucid dream. This morning was luckily one of those days. Other days, I feel hideous! I get unthinkably exhausted from sleeping. That’s the two-fold effect. You either feel fresh or you feel like crap when you wake up.

Feeling fresh comes from vivid dreams that emerged from rapid eye movement sleep. It’s that type of sleep that’s so deep, you will have your eyes moving rapidly the whole time. I believe they have those Delta waves going inside the brain when you are in an REM state. I read it somewhere, I can’t remember where. And I also know that the ones who get nightmares don’t get out of REM. How creepy! But we actually need a lot of REM to be truly well-rested.

Feeling like crap after a vivid dream, on the other hand, involves a series of health-related causes. It can be physical, like a sugar or glucose problem. It can also be emotional, like clinical depression. Maybe I have both; I’ve been emo in some posts, I’ve been eating chocolates like there is no more tomorrow… But I am also an oneiraunaut.

So I just give up trying to analyze this and ascribe it to REM, which is far less complicated.

I did feel energized this morning, so it’s a pretty safe assumption.

These past few days, my dreams have been more vivid and interesting than a badly made local film. I was able to attest to that when I was forced to watch a Bong Revilla film in the bus (on the way to work) where the younger and supposedly “suave” version of our present day senator shot some goons and drank a bottle of wine in the middle of it. Ewwwwww. Aghhhh. Lord help me.

The contrast with that hideous Bong Revilla scene was so stark since the vivid dream was still so fresh this morning when I was on my way to the office. This pushed me to research on the ruminations of why people have vivid dreams and what these things mean, at least on a physical standpoint. (I did not dwell on the spiritual implications or its “signs” because signs are sometimes misread and they can fail you big time…)

Interested much about this? Click here, here and here for more intensive articles, which were also my sources of information for this post.

So anyway, I am little excited to sleep tonight because there just might be a continuation to that psychotic love story I semi-directed in my head last night…

And, yeah, I posted it here because I wonder what “story plots” and dream topics other people have when they go to sleep. Feel free to share your dreams. We just might be able to come up with more answers to my questions. And better “story plots” when we hit the sack.

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39 thoughts on “Not Liquid, But Vivid Dreams

  1. O0 nga ate helen bka masydo ka lang ngng em0 sa mga post mü.. Pero isa lng cgurado q dahl s chocolates un..hehe bgyan mo po kasi ng chocolate.. Malay ntn ”sign” na nga yan ate..ü ayeee pag ibig hahaha

  2. Magandang umaga po..O0 nga ate helen bka masydo ka lang ngng em0 sa mga post mü.. Pero isa lng cgurado q dahl s chocolates un..hehe bgyan mo po kasi ng chocolate.. Malay ntn ”sign” na nga yan ate..ü ayeee pag ibig hahaha…

    1. hahahaha. ikaw talaga, okay na yang ikaw na may masayang buhay pag-ibig. hahaha. 🙂 oo bibigyan kitang chocolates once magkita tayo. hahaha. magpasabi ka nga lang, wag kang mambigla. hahaha

    1. hahaha takes some rehearsing and kelangan yata una, you remember muna yung mga dreams mo before you can actually control them… 🙂

      thanks metalpig. sorry late reply, been busy with offline work.

  3. tulad mo, naranasan ko na rin ang maging artista’t direktor ng aking panaginip.. may kakayahan akong pumili ng mga bida’t kontrabida sa bawat tagpo ng aking pelikula.. minsan, para akong nasa imax sa linaw ng pinapanood ko.. maaari ko ring putulin ang aking panaganip at gumising sa tunay na mundo kung nanaisin ko.

  4. kung naranasan mo na’ng lumipad nang matayog sa iyong panaginip at iyong natatanaw ang kalupaan sa ibaba, ito ay sumisimbolo sa kakayahan mong maabot ang iyong mga adhika at pamahalaan ang mga bagay-bagay sa iyong buhay.

    kung ikaw naman ay nakalilipad ngunit pagiray-giray at bumabagsak din, maaaring may bumabalakid sa iyong mga mithiin.. ang mga puno, kable ng kuryente, mga gusali’t kabundukan, pati na ang paghila ng sentro ng mundo sa iyo ay mga halimbawa ng mga hadlang sa iyong mga hangarin.

    pakalimiin mong mabuti ang pinagbubuhatan ng mga sagwil sa iyong buhay.. alamin mo ang ugat ng iyong pangamba.. sa gayong paraan, ikaw ay hindi lang makalilipad sa iyong panaginip, sa halip ay maaari ka ring pumailanlang sa mga tunay na hamon ng mundong ginagalawan mo.

      1. hi jehzlau,

        masarap di ba yung lumilipad ka tapos kontrolado mo yung direksyon at taas ng paglipad mo? astig yun!

        meron naman akong experience when i was a kid, 3 consecutive nights kong napanaginipan, pero yung mga panaginip ko eh continuation lang ng previous dream ko.. kala ko nga may sequel pa sa 4th night pero hindi na naulit yun.. 😛

        1. hahaha.. na experience ko na din yan.. dugtong dugtong na panaginip.. hehe 😀

          oo sobrang sarap.. akala ko nga talaga lumilipad na ako. parang totoo na yung panaginip, pero too bad, alam ko na panaginip at pinipilit kong di magising. minsan parang nasa gitna ako ng being awake and dreaming, tapos pinipilit kong di idilat ang mata ko, para mag continue pa yung dream ko. 😀 at nag cocontinue nga. hehe 😀

  5. Whoa! I’m also an oneiraunaut! O_O ang sarap maging oneiraunaut no? hehehe. 😀

    At honestly, bago ko lang nalaman yung term na yan at may tawag pala sa ganun, yung nag cocontrol ng dreams.

    Nung tinxt mo na oneiraunaut ka ba? Nag google agad ako, at binasa ko meaning. Ayun! nag lulucid dream nga ko.. isa akong oneiraunaut.. hahahaha! 😀

    Salamat kay Dr. Frederik van Eeden sa pag coin ng term na Lucid Dream.


    1. first heard of the term lucid sa kantang entitled silent lucidity. at bilang kantang maganda, hindi pa din ako sinipag na igoogle yung ibig sabihin. i did not know that lucidity is related to vivid and controlled dreaming. hahaha. update our jpeg, soul brother! 🙂

    1. hi miss choy! hahaha honestly i don’t know, i guess it helped na may sort of efforts ako to meditate. sabi kasi nila when you can quiet your mind in some way, you can actually redirect your thoughts even in your dreams…

    2. u should be very keen while you’re in a dream.. then eventually, you’ll realize na it’s not reality pala. Tapos you’ll tend to do something weird and it will happen, because you’re just dreaming… tapos ayun.. kontrolado mo na dream mo. ^_^

  6. grabe!… bessy, you’re definitely a googler. 😛

    pwede ko bang sabihin na isa din akong oneiraunaut? kaso hindi madalas kase hindi ko na-direct yung twice na panaginip ko regarding sa pag pasa ko sa boards. hahaha! Minsan lang. 😛

  7. There are times that I can control my dreams. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night from an awesome dream, then I cant wait to get back to sleep to dream again that cool scenario; if the dream should ever shift to another scene which I don’t like, then I would wake up. I would sleep again and look for thAT CHANNEL like that of a TV. hehe;

    There are also times that I can’t remember the dreams I had from a sleep everytime I wake up in the morning. hehe.

    But the thing is, that’s how powerful our minds are. SO powerful that we can control even our subconsciousness, our dreams, our ambitions, thoughts, almost everything. 😉

  8. Hey sis, does this means that when you’re tired after sleep travelling (don’t even know if it’s the right term), you have some issues? hmmmm…

    1. hi ichijoji! well, yes a lot of issues. but not all bad, considering that most of the people who replied are a bunch of happy people naman who have vivid dreams…

      when tired, it just means na the dream was so vivid that it sucked your energies out. haha. ironic ano? natulog ka na nga para magpahinga pero napagod ka pa lalo. hahaha.

      and the tiredness can be a physical symptom nga.. sugar problem or otherwise. 🙂

      1. hahaha, am sleeping, but sometimes, am not having enough rest whilst sleeping. and whenever i dream, i can remember some memorable parts and usually, they’re dreams that tires me out the most. hehehe

  9. woooot. I myself is a lucid dreamer too. Isa din akong oneiraunaut! HEHE. Na-cocontrol ko din ang dream ko, ALWAYS. HAHA. I also have dreams na lumilipad ako and minsan pag matutulog na ko, iniisip ko yung magiging dream ko and eventually magiging ganun nga siya! haha. ^_^

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