New Toy for the Little Miss

I.T. is love, at least for today… They just installed In Design and Photoshop on Jehleen (my work PC). I needed In Design for creating an automated index for a particular title that I am editing. They have this really neat function of making indexing so much easier. It’s also a feature present in MS Word but here at work, it is better to do it in In Design to complement the layout artists’ files and paginations on each book.

Photoshop installation was just a bonus. It just so happened that the I.T. guy’s installer was a package containing the In Design software and Photoshop. I was so fascinated with the illustrators’ creations in Photoshop and I am a little, just a little, curious about it.

The installation took so long, but just like finding a nice woman you can spend the rest of your life with, it was worth the wait…

And my reading list just got increased anew. I managed to get 100+ e-books from a friend here and I have not yet finished my bedroom reading list! I am super swamped and swimming in books. And add to that around five pending movies to watch. I truly wish I had 50 hours extra this whole week just to cram them all in.

Now that I have all these things in my computer, the possibilities of learning are endless. But I still have herculean editing tasks in my midst and time is something I am struggling to manage better. I still have to figure out how to achieve all these goals.

Here I am again, wanting so many things. And at the same time, wanting to be all Zen and calm.

I hope the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde split on the things I want be settled very soon.

(I can’t go on pining for many things and living like this, this is already so inhumane.)

Meanwhile, I resume my editing and hope that time management improves and life simplifies, eventually.

4 thoughts on “New Toy for the Little Miss

  1. So you’re fond of graphic designs and photoshop? Are you currently joining a ‘laptop’ contest? There is actually an ongoing contest you might not be aware of. That might show off your skills.

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