Looking at Death in the Face- Literally

So this is what it looks like from your point of view if you are seconds away from getting killed. How weird. I don’t know what to make of it, really. My officemate Pam sent me this:

I cannot, for the life of me, imagine taking a picture of with my family with my killer on the background. How scary. And he even had a lookout! Bless the poor man’s soul; I shall be praying for him.

More details on the story here.

19 thoughts on “Looking at Death in the Face- Literally

  1. yeah, i saw this at yahoo news too. really scary. just imagine…tsk tsk tsk. i can’t make of the reaction of the other guy in the right…was he shocked or something?

  2. If I were the photographer, I think may time pa cguro to tell them na may taong nasa likod nila trying to shoot/kill them! Scary it is, and I think its a mere coincidence…But probably there’s a reason behind why this thing happened!

  3. I saw this picture too. Hella creepy. One good thing, however sad the news may be, is that they won’t have a hard time looking for the killer since there’s already photographic evidence.

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  4. I have watch this at GMA news around 6pm this day.. And i am very much glad that the suspect is arrested, but still he said that, “Hindi ako nagsisi na pinatay ko siya”. Gosh!! wala ata talaga siyang konsensya..

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