Guadalupe Bridge Trusses and Your Balancing Acts for the Board Exam

I was thinking of how to present my fifth board exam tip, when I remembered the very eye catching truss bridge in Guadalupe. (I will save the posts on flippers for later, when I have taken a decent picture of the flippers I used for my board exam). It’s one of those things I genuinely like to look at whenever I ride the MRT train. It’s really nice, although I rode once in an ordinary fare bus and it was not as sweet smelling as it looks, thanks to the river.

I will try not to be too technical with my metaphor. But this huge contraption that we see is actually governed by a simple rule of balancing forces. Engineer readers will know that it just involves making half FBD’s on paper and then summing all the forces through its joints or through its members.

In layman’s terms, it translates to making sure that every bolt is in place and it does not handle too much stress on each part. The extreme pressures on the bridge are balanced or managed by distributing the load to the different parts of this truss here. If there was no balance,  there will be no way that this bridge can stand upright and strong enough, at that.

You, future board exam taker, may be likened to this truss in some way. You need to spread out the pressure and not let it crumble you down when push comes to shove. Balancing the small things that serve as the foundation of your board exam review is a very vital thing for success. (Yes! Ang suave ng segue ko diba? Hahaha)

What are these little things?

1. How you  perform on each subject. You make sure that you do not overdevote yourself to a single part of the exam. Make time for ALL subjects. In my experience, I was top 2 not because I had a lot of 90+ scores. And this worked for me also during the Pre-Board Exam in the review center. What I made sure to do is to BALANCE all my performances in each subject. They were all in the same range. It is useless if you are extremely good in Math but lousy in the Law portion. You have to be fairly good in both, since the Board of Examiners will actually tally the average. It will not care if you got 100% in the Math part, if you had a 76% pulling you down in another subject. Worse, you can fail in one and do too well on another, and that will just frustrate you!

2. Your own sanity’s balance. You actually have to FORCE yourself to take a break regularly. Go to church on Sunday, even if you feel like you can just spend the time catching up on missed lessons or whatnots. Make sure that in each week of study, you spend one day for fun. No reviewers, no flippers, no peeking  at the notes… Don’t deprive yourself of this one. Warning: If you do, you will have increased your chances for mental block during the actual exam.

3. Your meals and sleep time must be balanced too. Balance it too. Make sure you have more than enough rest and sleep. During my review, I was the most health conscious freak on the planet. I was afraid to get sick during review and during the exam. So, be good to yourself at this time. You can go vegan (leafy greens really help foster good memory!), drink more water and just avoid junk food. Instead of junk food, try nuts, soya and all the brain food you can think of.

4. Life balance. Everything may seem to depend on the outcome of your exam. But make sure you still get your spiritual and emotional nourishment. You will need that a lot. You may have to give up seeing your friends, but make sure there are still some humans you get to talk to in the midst of your review. At the time, I used the common ground of wanting to achieve with my review buddies. Though we were isolated from the rest of the world that time, we had a great time drawing strength and encouragement from each other daily. Find your buddies and don’t be too competitive. 😀

So there. Wait for the flippers and other posts. The best is yet to come.

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25 thoughts on “Guadalupe Bridge Trusses and Your Balancing Acts for the Board Exam

  1. oohh nice.. i love Free Body Diagrams and, oh, balancing forces!!! yeah!!! i love it whenever i have four equations and four unknowns or more — can apply linear algebra.. 😀

  2. wow! yan lang ang masasabi ko kase hindi ko napagdaanan yang napag-aralan mo. Habang binabasa ko sya, wala akong mareact hehehe in short hindi ako makarelate. Pero naniniwala ako na makakapasa sa Board Exam mo kase na kaya mo i-explain ang tungkol sa Free Body Diagrams na yan hehehe … Naks Naks! 🙂

      1. sa amin dose class!!! mas gusto ni Helen mag-aral kapag ang mechanics book na colored ang gamit nya!!!

        kanino bang pangalan yung nakapost sa labas ng CE DEPT. top 1 sa ES12 long exam.

  3. hahaha!!!.. Balancing equation.

    Balance ang studies, work, social life and lovelife (yihee!!) Oops may idadagdag pa pala, mga psycho na nanggugulo sa review!

    Isang in-house at isang manong! hahahaha!!!

  4. Opo ate helen, salamat po sa pag share! Sobrang lake po ng payo na maitutulong nito.. Oo nga dapat talaga maging balance! Nga pla Wow! Na alala ko yung subject ko ü ikw b yan prof..?ü FBD hehe kakatuwa…usapang force kaka relate 🙂

      1. Opo E.C.E. course kö po hehe.. Napag aralan namin yan sa ”Mechanics of rigid bodies ai” hehe.. Hahaha happy b love life.. Wa sakto lang.. Hehe thnx po ate natu2wa k skn.. Hahaha mas natu2wa naman aq saü hehe..

  5. Valuable information. Ang alam ko the world’s longest center span extradosed cable-stayed bridge is the Mactan bridge, the new Mactan bridge, Marcelo Fernan bridge. I don’t know. May nabasa lang kasi ako sa Net. hehe;-)

    1. hay alam mo dream kong magjogging dun Nonoy e. hahaha. but hanggang Guadalupe trusses pa lang ang kaya ko sa ngayon, polluted pa nga e. 🙂 na-mesmerize ako sa pic ng Mactan bridge dati, pinakita ng friend ko…

  6. waa. I can’t relate on the first part sis. lol. But this entry is really informative sis. 🙂 Oh! life balance. I agree with all you have just said. balance is all we need. I definitely like the “Your own sanity’s balance”. 🙂

    1. hi dianne! hahaha sorry about that first part. i did my best to make it sound a little less complicated. much better to show it with drawings. but I am only armed with words. hahaha. thanks for still reading on and finding it useful, still. 🙂

  7. I can relate with this post…FBD? Do you mean Free Body Diagram? LOve it though! Physics time talaga ang post ah! Engr.Helen!

    This post let me contemplate about a certain a fact. And that is, people were so eager to make everything in their lives so perfect that they exhaust their selves knowing that everything doesn’t need to be perfect..UHmmm….

    Being a perfectionist indeed!
    As a student before, you are right te Helen, balance is the “keyword” – balance with all your priorities in life!

    ANyways, two thumbs up for this post!

    1. hi jhiegzh! 🙂 ouch to the perfectionist tendencies. i have that, you know. LOL. hahaha. i’m hit, but I like it. hahaha. Thanks so much. This is really one of the reasons why I have this category: to help the ones currently in the journey… 🙂

  8. nakakainspire te ung mga blog mo.. hahanap lng nga ko ng calc tech sa mohr circle tas e2 na ko inabot na q madaling araw kkbasa.haha. maraming salamat ate sa pagshare ng mga tips and tricks para sa board exam.. sobrang nakaka2long para sa mga eng’g na nagrereview… 🙂

    1. hahaha hi dRon thanks so much for enjoying my website as much as I enjoy writing posts for it. 😀 sana bumalik balik ka pa. walang bagong updates lately, though. 🙁 ginagawan na ng paraan para maisingit pa rin kahit busy. good luck sa board exam! 😉

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