Cutex I Don’t Bite My Nails Solution

The chronic nailbiter found her perfect Christmas gift in the form of a tiny bottle! I have been using it for three days, and has saved what remained of my fingernails! I just have to keep using it for a few months to reverse the biting habit. I have this 43things account where I have a list of life goals, and this anti-nail biting effort is one of them.

No wonder my friend Sunshine laughed at my finggas and toes:

If you want to check out my new year’s resolution and goals, you can simply click here. I find this 43things website super helpful in helping me narrow down my scatter-brained pursuits. At least it helps me do one thing at a time and I remember my goals because I check on my list everyday. And the website actually links you to people all over the world with the same goals. Very interesting, right? They have “cheers!” options where you can click and cheer on another person, which is similar to Facebook’s like button.

Many thanks to my loving sister, co-food monster, and occasional manicurist, Harvey:

Her fingernails are much bigger and prettier than her Ate‘s, you know:

(Friendship ring courtesy of her bff in school, Ysabelle.)

She’s just ten! At 25, I can barely grow my nails that long! Haha.

Good luck to me trying to kick the nail biting habit and beating that.

4 thoughts on “Cutex I Don’t Bite My Nails Solution

  1. how does the “i-don’t-bite-my-nails” solution work? does it taste so bad that you end up not wanting the taste of your nails? πŸ™‚

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