A Scoop of Christmas Award

Thanks so much to Geneve, the cute Ayskreme girl, for giving me this badge. Merry Christmas!

Rules to follow when you accept this award:

1. Thank and link back whoever who gave you the award

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Pass it along to 7 blogs you have recently discovered and enjoyed

4. Leave your recipient a note, telling them about this award

SEVEN THINGS ABOUT ME: (This is so self-serving, I will not be surprised if you skip this part and go to my 7 awarded bloggers below. Lalala… But if you may be interested in me, I shall indulge thee with this.)

1. I am a super introvert cleverly disguised as an extrovert. It takes Herculean effort to make me go out of the house, to the chagrin of my extroverted friends. There are some who actually get upset over this, but most are pretty used to the fact that I’d rather hole up in my room and “attack” my reading list than go out.

2. I don’t blend easily in a group. But I often have the best intentions even when I am misinterpreted by some people who do not know me that well. It used to hurt that I don’t fit in that easily, but I’ve reached the point where I am so used to it already. (In fact, I expect and make allowances for it whenever I join a new group. It’s a permanent cross I take all the time.)

3. I have a weirdo magnetic field within me that attracts a lot of weird people, for some reason. Also, my saner friends find it easy to tell me anything weird that happens to them. I actually reached the point where I am beyond shocked already from the things I hear from people. Perhaps, people find it easy to tell me their craziest and weird stories because they think I am weird. I don’t know if that’s a good thing, but the severely radical ideas has served my writing Muse very well. I’ve heard a lot of revolting and shocking things. Few things surprise me.

4. I truly wish we have Mass everyday in the office because that is the one thing I miss doing everyday. (aww. 🙁 nalungkot ako bigla dun… ) I also suck at doing my daily norms (prayers and spiritual reading stuff) but I am very passionate when I get to do them. I hope I can balance it next year. I am quite serious about it, although I am a very weird person and my untamed artistic side often likes to collide itself with my desires to regulate my life.

5. I self-studied speed reading and I type at 100 words per minute. I also speed text. But I have been ignoring my phone this month in favor of my job and my website. So it’s so much easier for you to reach me at me@helenmarylabao.com.

6. I am in love with the idea of being in love. But only with the idea.

7. I am trying to be more outgoing. I mean to do it more next year even when I am saving up a lot of money for certain personal pursuits. I promise to go out in a non-office and non-religious activity at least ONCE A WEEK. Bold. Daring. Good luck to me. LOL.

Congratulations if you survived that self-massaging slather of words. LOL. For paying it forward, let me introduce my versatile seven:

1. Katt Maxwell. My officemate who is the queen of grammar checks and has a lot of really meaty posts that can make your nose bleed on some days but you will find yourself coming back for more anyway. Do check her out when she wears her black stockings. I never knew black stockings could be that sexy. 🙂

2. Daphne Benosa. I am such a minimalist when it comes to fashion. I am such a fashion klutz, really. 🙁 I get overwhelmed with the plaids and prints of most fashion blogs, so I end up doing NOTHING for changing my style. Not that I don’t like it. It’s just that, my head is swamped with other things. Fortunately, Daphne duck got her blog. I get advice from this lovely magna cum laude from Ateneo de Naga. (You still have not posted anything about finding a dress size friend. LOL.)

3. Tincura.  Two words: cute header! I love her artsy take on life and I often find myself checking on her a couple of times per day in the office, especially when I need visual relief from all the manuscripts I am editing. You’ve saved me from so much eye strain Tin! Thanks!

4. Orman Manansala. Thanks to this person, I am often hungry now. LOL. Much more famous for his personal and award winning blog, I happen to visit this other food blog of his that I absolutely adore. I hope he gives away some of the food via LBC. LOL.

5. Ang Tahimik na si Maynard. They did not say this was just for girly bloggers, right? So Maynard is on my list, too! I hope he makes more of those Dugs Dugs posts. LOL.

6. Stochastic Process by Mike. I believe this person deserves a lot of readers. He is very smart (finishing his doctorate in Physics in UP), a bookworm and verbalizes his thoughts so well!  There are gems in the blogging world that are not yet discovered and made famous. Mike’s blog is one of those things.

7. Cocoy Chronicles. I totally love this site. LOVE IT! It’s updated, the layout is friendly to the eyes, it’s not banned by our office IT policemen, and there’s always something new. PLUS, Cocoy is my friend. That’s nice diba!

I hope you enjoy these versatile seven as much as I did. I made sure to include the relatively new ones. I already know that my blogging idols Jehz, Kikay Runner, Flair Candy (and many others) are already rich in awards so I did not include them anymore.

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  1. wow!! Thanks Helen! haha natuwa naman ako dito …”3. I have a weirdo magnetic field within me that attracts a lot of weird people” hehehe I like the way you write haha

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