>the siren song

>All through life in the past, things were as ridiculous as holding a minuscule umbrella for two people. But then again, love is imbalance and immeasurable. And it’s a thing many people engage in: giving without counting the cost.
This morning, you sang to me a familiar siren song- the kind that makes my knees go weak. It used to make me surrender the things I firmly believed in. It made me throw away the things that mattered most…
And I felt the familiar tug. Odysseus minus the ropes that held him to the mast. But like Odysseus, there was an entire cabin crew who had wax in their ears for their own siren songs, prodding me to go against the flow and say goodbye to the siren song.
The siren song is sinuous, fluid, and likes to hide itself in logic. It is folly dressed in the most attractive clothes. And just like eating cotton candy and expecting the cute cloudy texture to provide nutrition, in reality it only leads to emaciation and even death.
So even when the siren started to sing to me again and asked me to squander my tenderness, I took a stand. I voluntarily tied myself to a mast and I said a firm and resounding no that caused ripples and waves in this lonely ocean.
And though I pined for the melody this siren has brought, I have the peace and stillness beyond compare in exchange for that fleeting fancy I voluntarily left at sea.
And so, I sail on and forward. Kissing the siren song goodbye. And gaining myself and my sanity back in exchange.
Never let the sirens of your life lead you to your untimely and tragic death.

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  1. >Na alala ko tuloy yung blog mo na puro nosebleed posts.. hehehe.. ūüėÄ Ano nga URL nun? yung sa wordpress.. helene___.wordperss.com, may numbers ata yun, i forgot. O_O

    Musta ka na!?! ^_^

  2. >nyahahahaha! oo nga kawawa na yung wordpress ko jehz. buti ka pa nga e, super consistent! haha. sana tumagal na ito, ayoko na rin ng palipat lipat ng blog e… helene003.wordpress.com yata…

    okay naman! eto excited sa new job. ikaw naman, fulltime na sa freelance world. congrats parekoy! sana magawa ko din yan bago ako mag40 years old. hahaha!

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