the importance of old blog posts

Success! After seven grueling hours, I was finally able to successfully categorize my 70+ old posts from 2004 to 2009. I imported my blog entries from all places. It’s quite hard consolidating them since I hopped from one blog host to another, but I really am happy to place them here in my new home. Blogging has just gone full circle with this more or less permanent online home. I still have 65 more recent Notes from Facebook that I will categorize soon, but I am still busy with other elements of the site to activate my Facebook again.

One sad thing: some of the comments on the posts were gone forever. But it’s okay… I don’t want people dwelling on the reckless imprudent posts of my youth. It’s better to move forward and see my more recent posts!

So far, I have around 23 or 24 Categories of posts on the right sidebar to help my readers find their preferred topics. There were some posts which chronicled my life as a college student up to the time that I succeeded in getting my engineering license. It also included posts on how I managed to improve in my writing skills through the years. And we continue this journey now as I make new content in my quarter life.

Sure, there were posts that make me want to cry in embarrassment. I actually cannot believe I wrote that way in 2004! Blimey. It’s a good thing there is PROGRESS. And that’s the one thing I like about reading previous blog entries: it shows the evolution of my writing style.

There were still some posts that I found most unacceptable. This is the private category I personally entitled “A Demon Must Have Possessed Helen to Write This Crap”. But that’s quite long for a name; we bloggers thank God for the only savior for such posts: the “Move to Trash” button. And “Empty Trash” is a good follow-up for that.

I did not erase my old posts, except for the 16 deserving of the Trash button, written in my most possessed moments the past 6 years. But the rest, I kept. Because those old posts can never be redone today. They are already part of my personal history. And despite the painful undertones and major writing flaws of most of my younger posts, I thank God because it enables me to count my present blessings. It reminds me of how good God is; He did not let me stay stagnated. Rather, He continues to upgrade me with numerous blessings along the way.

It’s hard to maintain a diary or blog online or offline. But if a serious professional endeavor in anything is desired, a consistent and intense effort must be given out.

This does not just hold true for writers. It also involves any person who does work in general. Just be generous with whatever it is that you do; believe me, God can and will weave your circumstances to reciprocate your generosity to your noble work in time.


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