>the generosity irony

>just a short post on a recurring theme i have seen happen in my life.

it’s this:

G is directly proportional to P.

The more generous a person is, the more prosperous he becomes.

That’s a strange thing. Because people live in an age where they frantically feel awful when somebody gets a share of the pie of the world’s resources. But it’s true.

It was not just about the concept of tithing. I have had the privilege of seeing so many people who are so generous with what they have. They give away a lot of stuff. And it goes back to them a HUNDRED fold. Material goods, mind you. From clothes to food.

I don’t think I am generous enough, hahaha. My paycheck seems to reflect that as of now. Or maybe my being generous is translated in a non-monetary way. There are still some things that cannot be measured.

Perhaps the Lord gives to people who He knows will not hoard all the stuff and resources that they will be getting.

I will always be thankful to these generous souls who have taught me a wonderful lesson about life.
And yes… the goodies too. heehee.

2 thoughts on “>the generosity irony

  1. wohooooo! mostly thanks to you. =)

    you are the living proof of a very generous and successful person. i don’t even know where to begin posting now… hahaha. ano na bang uunahin ko? hahaha…. ikaw, ikaw ang uunahin ko, tama. ^_^ ako ang hamak na tagahawak ng banner sa susunod na asian blog awards ni kaibigang jehzeel…

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