Sunshine Plata: Coffee Painter Slash Yumbassador Slash Friend

Setting 1: standing in the corridor of Daniw

Helen: Ang cute ng nails mo… green!!!

Sunshine: Oo nga. Ikaw din. Paint your nails green! *laughs*

Helen: Ay… Pano yan. Can’t do. I bite my nails e…

Three months later…

Setting 2: solemn chapel in Daniw

Sunshine: *leans over and whispers* Ang cute ng toes mo…

Helen: *can’t react*

Sunshine: Nangatngat mo din?  *laughs*

We both laugh in the chapel. And she said it when I was trying so hard to be prim and proper in the chapel. haha. This girl has a thing for details. She remembers the little things, like my nail biting. And just for the record, I don’t have the gymnast’s dexterity to bite my toes. haha.

She is a burst of fresh air and she really knows how to bring sunshine to the people she encounters, true to her name.

This woman often makes me forget she is a world class coffee painter whenever I am with her. Sobrang down to earth! I’ll let the other websites tell you about how talented she is. She does not just love coffee for drinking; she paints using coffee too. =)

I had a favorite painting that I see in Daniw regularly. It’s inspired by the Ondoy tragedy. To date, that was the only beautiful product I have seen of that typhoon.

Much as I’d like to have one of her paintings in my bedroom wall, I think the amount is more expensive than the total worth of all the walls of this house combined… Ang mahal. Haha.

Check more about her and her numerous artistic achievements here, here and here! She also turned Reuters’ head too. =) (sorry sunshine, I stalked you and wrote about you here. hihi.)

One thing I noticed about really super successful people is their innate humility. They don’t let their success get to them, hence it makes them really lovable. And God continues to bless them with fame because it never goes to their heads.

Not surprising to find that Sunshine was chosen by Jollibee this year to be one of their youth Yumbassadors in their program, along with Miro Capili (the 17-year-old lady who won THREE Palanca awards already) and Sam Concepcion.

So she makes the newspapers pretty frequently, as frequent as me getting sunny side up eggs for breakfast. Good choice Jollibee. I’ve met Miro too (only in passing), and I super admire her for that Palanca writing award grand slam.

Am writing this because I might not be able to see her as much as I’d like once I start my new job. 🙁

But I am really thankful for having met someone so talented, hard working and able to genuinely practice her principles in life amidst the sea of lures that command her to conform. It inspires me to be at my best too each time.

Just take a look at this, you will be ashamed to dare working substandardly…

to look at in case you feel like turning up substandard work

Thanks for being such an inspiration Sunshine! =) And for keeping me on my toes because of the excellence with which you do your artistic vocation.  I hope you continue to inspire many others. Love you heaps!

4 thoughts on “Sunshine Plata: Coffee Painter Slash Yumbassador Slash Friend

  1. I did a google image search on coffee painting (I didn’t know what it was!) and found that your friend’s work showed up as the first image. Lovely work!

  2. hi helen!!! shucks!!! i just saw this now!!! :O *himatay…bangon*

    no wonder u asked for my email addy!:o sorry naman i had no idea u were gonna blog about me so it came as a surprise! up to now i havent gone to check my other email. so sorry!

    SUPER DOOPER THANKS!!!that is soo suhweet :)love ur blogging and i love u heaps!!!:)*let’s paint ’em finggas and toes soon! ;D mmmmwah!-sunny

    1. hahaha. you know how evil my website is? it actually placed your comment sa spam at hindi ko siya agad nakita. aghhhhhh. hahaha. today ko lang tuloy na-approve. i haven’t seen you again this week, had to adjust to my work kasi. honestly i prefer the other yahoo email addy kasi cute puro BBBBBBBBBB hahahahahha. love u! see you very soon! 😀 paint nails and toes– looking forward to that talaga. binabawasan ko na nga nail biting ko e… hahaha

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