>my first froyo moment!


There goes my very first froyo moment with co-September celebrators Pia and Chanelle! The table just had this flashy effect on my camera. Oh yes, we planned this bonding August 2009 and it only materialzed just this week! This was ordered from a small froyo parlor in Katipunan properly named IHeartFroyo. It’s so small, which probably figures why it wasn’t included in Calvin’s Hub’s List of Froyo Fix Venues. In his list, I only managed to try Red Mango, a day after my first froyo moment.

I was a yogurt fan since I was in high school. This is a unique twist to the healthy dessert that I loved while growing up. Yogurt when presented bare and raw tends to repel some food lovers. So I had the privilege of having all the yogurt to myself in our own home; nobody seems to enjoy it as much as I do!

But enjoy we did this week when we sat on the three bean bags and chatted for quite a while, the most that our three busy and incompatible schedules can permit.

Yogurt happens to be good for digestion and contains all those micro-organisms that help the body. So it does not feel so guilty slathering the health dessert with a little more syrup than it originally deserved. Yum!

My only gripe with this whole froyo thing is that it’s too expensive for a dessert. Fortunately, another blogging froyo fan happened to address the budget problem by making a homemade version of froyo. But that one had a lot of yummy pictures and little detail. A more detailed blogger exposes the nuances of creating froyo here.

Surely this will not be the last froyo moment you will hear from me.

Can’t wait for summer, where cold desserts and beverages are super excusable!


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