must kill habit

I just added a new goal for the 43things list:

Stop biting my nails.

I need a minute-by-minute reminder. Sighs. On average, 43things says it takes 4 years to complete! Incroyable!

I happened to remember including that, when I found the world’s most expensive nail polish in one of my random Internet searches. Even if I have nails a kilometer long, I don’t think I’ll be able to afford this diamond-studded nail polish.

1118 diamonds embedded in the container = £83,000

Least of my worries to don myself with such extravagance. Although the shiny shimmery look of it caught my eye in the sea of treadmilling topics racing in my head.

This was not exactly a good day for me, but it’s golden rich with lessons. Always there isa lesson. 🙂

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