imprints (written October 12, 12:29am FB)

Whether i like or not, i leave imprints in every person i meet in this journey called life… And vice versa. People can just claim to be indifferent, but no person is totally immune as to completely be free of being affected by somebody’s influence.

In silence, time to think about these imprints are much more defined. Had some bonding moments with my friend Apple this afternoon, and we just exchanged our sentiments and experiences over a noisy fast food chain. Then we destressed by visiting the cheapest ukay ukay store in the face of Caloocan and managed to score me some neat finds that I can wear for job offer days or first-day-on-the-job days.

Last night, I was working on my article backlogs. I felt keenly the frustration of not being fully employed yet. And it was such a sweet surprise to find fellow GE’s in the FB chat box, going through the same thing. I struggled to write each page of my article, but these GE friends of mine managed to help me stay online long enough to finish everything. There was nothing new to the conversations. In fact, we laughed at how identical our frustrations were and how poorly we were handling the bum stage. And despite the pain, we consoled each other and told each other to feel better about it. The surprising thing? It did feel way better after, because all our sorrows have been divided with the knowledge that we are not the only ones overcoming this particular phase of starting our careers.

All that talking did not really solve all our dilemmas about life. In some instances, words were not even enough to describe each other’s experiences. But my friend apple and my GE chat buddies left a therapeutic imprint that had me feeling a bit more assured, a bit less alone and very much understood at a certain level. I hope I also transmitted to them the good energies in me, or whatever is left of them.

Even in an online network, imprints are felt on the little things. When somebody posts a really negative status, somehow the entire common network that we have tends to pick up all the negative vibes. In the same way, happy and positive posts filled with hope are just as contagious, in a good way.

Connecting with a person is a gift. And not all relationships have it. There are some relationships I strain to maintaining with the strength of an Olympian in a marathon. And all that effort could only yield one decent conversation or a few civilized exchange of words.

In an open exchange of ideas where misunderstandings occur as surely as the sun rises each morning, it is a pocket of heaven to find like-minded or like-hearted souls. They are the ones where you can admit your deepest secrets, expose your biggest fears and be your meanest mean self without fear of being judged or labelled as insignificant or irrelevant to society’s cancers. There are avenues to care about the ills of society. Sometimes we just need time to think within to be of help to the problems without.

We celebrate diversity of ideas. But sometimes, when we just want to chill out our souls and take off all those inhibitions, our restless hearts find solace in our soul sisters and brothers.

At best, if we cannot understand other people’s miseries, we can at least try to make their life’s journey more bearable for them by giving the best imprints we can possibly give at each encounter.

Food for thought for me and you: What imprints have we been leaving to other people lately? =)

I hope they are all good and filled with optimism.let us always strive to promote positive imprints. and drown all the evil with the abundance of GOOD.

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