>hang out with the good brunch

>Two days ago, I had this for brunch! Something that’s not easy to eat when you are in an office!

eggs, dried pusit and longganisa combo

And I drowned the pusit in a plate full of hyper-spicy vinegar (lotsa garlic and chili on the vinegar bottle!)

Happen to like my eggs sunny side up. See the glimmery shiny effect up there? Yeah. Hmm… Although my friend Jillai does not want her eggs that way. She said: “Parang naglalaway na ewan…” I was a bit affected by that; I think for a month I imagined saliva dripping on a sunny side up egg. But my natural inclinations eventually got the better of me. heehee…

Years ago, I have no interest whatsoever on how to prepare good meals. But thanks to Sky Cable’s Asian Food Channel, that just got settled! I have begun. With processed foods, yes. Sad. But it’s a start! A girl’s gotta start somewhere! Meanwhile, my 10-year-old sister has started to perfect the art of making yummy hotcakes.

I tried to search “history of dried pusit” on Google and they only came up with three decent links. All the rest were just “sounds like” alternatives to pusit. Guess what is the nearest word to pusit according to Google? PURSUIT! Yes, pursue pusit! Why not! haha.

sniff sniff. Delightful. haha.Thanks P.M.P. for the yummy pusit. This is really my favorite Filipino food.

It’s best eaten with bare hands. In the province, I think they serve it on a banana leaf. Just make sure your hands are clean. They said you have to sing Happy Birthday song two times while washing to ensure that you have washed it long enough. Sheesh, I don’t really get to do it that much…

Not too difficult to prepare; all you need is a trusty frying pan and you’re good to go!

This is super crunchy. Somehow, I credit my sort-of strong teeth for allowing me to chew on it persistently. Very salty. Stinky? Yes, a little. 

Now, I had batok ache after awhile. I guess that’s just my body warning of the cholesterol content my breakfast-lunch combination had just regurgitated to my system. Good thing I am no longganisa fan; that bowl on the side was just for my mom and sister. Haha.

Open to suggestions on less stinkier options for my office lunch box in the coming months. *wink*

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