Frose, Jehleen et Moi

Frose and I are getting along really well. She gave me a headache in Chapter 7, but other than that, we’re really cool. I think we will be spending some more hours firming her up before she dances with the printing machines and undergoes metamorphosis from manuscript to book.

Oh, and Frose taught me a new word today: ATTENUATION. Haha. I love this job!

Also, I have a work desk PC. I was just customizing it this afternoon in between page proofs when I thought of what name to give it. I decided to name it Jehleen.

She has a ninong named Jehzeel, who volunteered that his name is the best name to give my soon-to-be-overworked desktop in the office. LOL. (Ninong Jehz, namamasko si Jehleen….:-P)

You might be thinking I am just talking to inanimate objects in my office. Au contraire, the people are so nice and welcoming. There is so much work at this point, so it’s quite hard to socialize. But there’s a Christmas party to look forward to, among many other future occasions.

I am amazed because I see that they like working with an unobtrusive music player snugly nestled on their ears, like me. They read fast, like me. They are very O.C. with the grammar (we’re paid to do that naman kasi), like me. They also eat fast, like me. And yes, they love Google too (don’t we all? :mrgreen:) I’ve been going there and marvelling at the whole thing, because I just know I’m in the right place. And I don’t get that deep impressions of inner certainty all the time. In fact, this is the first time.

*Yawns* This fulltime work has made me quite sleepy the last three days. I promised myself to sleep more this weekend. I’ll just let my mind rest and share fresher thoughts tomorrow.

Bon Weekend!

4 thoughts on “Frose, Jehleen et Moi

    1. LOL! Hi Orman! Thanks for the visit! Welcome to the newbie OC lair. Thanks so much; I don’t get “karelate-relate” a lot because I often get “weird” for my posts. Hahaha.
      *peeked at your site* Mental note to self: visit your site when I need to feel hungry. hahaha.
      How did you recover? I just got the OC fever lately; I cannot even leave the bed without folding the sheets symmetrically. This is hideous sometimes. But yeah, not enough to be all Martha Stewart on the house. LOL.

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