One word to summarize how I am these days: Charmed!

That’s not to say life is not hard these days. I felt the fatigue of the travel, the endurance of having to sit beside a boorish big-bellied old schmuck who tried to flirt with me on an ordinary bus and every inconvenience that besets a typical female EDSA commuter on a rush hour. But things remain SPLENDID because things fall into place. I am in the right place. The missing piece of the puzzle.

Lately, it’s as if i am riding on a Magic Carpet (a whole new worldddddd….)… Exactly like a magic carpet on smog-filled Chicago at its worst: you cannot keep the ugly things on the surroundings, but you get enthralled by the magic since you are just looking at the positive side of things. There are hurts that sting from time to time, but when I start counting my blessings all those things fall away to give way to the good.

Today is quite memorable for me, since i started working for real. 🙂

My 300-page to-be-edited “baby” (from now on, I shall call all my projects babies) there marks the beginning of a career. It is a career in the very sage place where all the things I have done for my career in the past are being harnessed to the hilt. Not a minute’s article writing was wasted. Not a minute of doing Math all these years has been thrown away. All my resources seem to point to the job at hand. Even the books I possess, and the very skills I naturally want to upgrade can be achieved if I work there for the long-term.

And you know what’s the most amazing thing I discovered? They have a lovely chapel beside my department office. Mass every Wednesday and First Friday. I just keep liking the things  I am seeing there.

I am so thankful to God, and this is no creative post or attempt at wordplay. It’s just a thank you post to the Big Guy Up There who seems to love this wretch way more than she deserves.

The only challenge is to get over the euphoria and get done quickly. I have seen my colleagues and they are all so hard working and excellent. My need to rise to the occasion is more than enough to keep all my writing, editing, engineering and thinking juices flowing.

And yes sleep early. Now I know what it means when they say that sometimes you don’t want to sleep just yet because reality is so much better than your dreams.

Thanks God. You are the best gift Giver on the whole wide universe…

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