Sick Much :(

Thank God for kind bosses, a sweet company nurse and getting sick at 4pm, two hours before end of shift. They made sure I got home safely.

In fairness, nakisama ang sakit ko. I managed to finish five chapters of my baby Frose before I started feeling dizzy and “vomity”. I also managed to get my first pay before I felt the urge to throw up on the manuscript I’m editing. The manuscript is good and promising, but my health is not. Pay was not big, considering the fact that I just had a week there. But yeah, that meager sum goes to the doctor tomorrow.

This is my fault, you know. I should sleep more, drink more water, get some exercise and balance things. But no. I’ve abused myself a lot these past two weeks. I haven’t eaten well, slept much or exercised even a bit. I hate myself for letting things go on this way.

I need to slow down and take it easy tomorrow. (Only managed to squeeze in this post so that my friends will not wonder why I won’t be able to answer messages wherever tomorrow.).

Goal: Checkup, rest and recover in 24 hours, if possible.

And go offline. Disconnection anxiety is setting in, but it’s okay.

Health is wealth, Helen. Really. Look what health commanded you to do now: give up your first salary to the doctor. How classic. (excuse me, reader, I am just reprimanding myself out loud.)

One day away from my dream job tomorrow because I am sick.

And since I often advocate the concept of sanctifying work, I offer up this frustration and inconvenience to the recovery of a 2-year-old boy who accidentally swallowed a nail. *belches* Basic idea of sanctifying the hateful stuff: it becomes less hateful when you offer it up as a prayer. That smelly seatmate in the bus can be a prayer for world peace. That heartache can be for somebody’s recovery from illness. There, there. I complain less when I think of the poor kid who needed to have that nail removed a.s.a.p. The spinning sensation just suddenly had a meaning to it, and I feel better.

Okay, that’s it. Any minute I’m throwing up again. Agh. Good night Gab. See you on Thursday my beloved Jehleen and Frose. And yes, til next time dear reader.

Don’t forget: Helen is a bad example this week. And health is wealth.

imprints (written October 12, 12:29am FB)

Whether i like or not, i leave imprints in every person i meet in this journey called life… And vice versa. People can just claim to be indifferent, but no person is totally immune as to completely be free of being affected by somebody’s influence.

In silence, time to think about these imprints are much more defined. Had some bonding moments with my friend Apple this afternoon, and we just exchanged our sentiments and experiences over a noisy fast food chain. Then we destressed by visiting the cheapest ukay ukay store in the face of Caloocan and managed to score me some neat finds that I can wear for job offer days or first-day-on-the-job days.

Last night, I was working on my article backlogs. I felt keenly the frustration of not being fully employed yet. And it was such a sweet surprise to find fellow GE’s in the FB chat box, going through the same thing. I struggled to write each page of my article, but these GE friends of mine managed to help me stay online long enough to finish everything. There was nothing new to the conversations. In fact, we laughed at how identical our frustrations were and how poorly we were handling the bum stage. And despite the pain, we consoled each other and told each other to feel better about it. The surprising thing? It did feel way better after, because all our sorrows have been divided with the knowledge that we are not the only ones overcoming this particular phase of starting our careers.

All that talking did not really solve all our dilemmas about life. In some instances, words were not even enough to describe each other’s experiences. But my friend apple and my GE chat buddies left a therapeutic imprint that had me feeling a bit more assured, a bit less alone and very much understood at a certain level. I hope I also transmitted to them the good energies in me, or whatever is left of them.

Even in an online network, imprints are felt on the little things. When somebody posts a really negative status, somehow the entire common network that we have tends to pick up all the negative vibes. In the same way, happy and positive posts filled with hope are just as contagious, in a good way.

Connecting with a person is a gift. And not all relationships have it. There are some relationships I strain to maintaining with the strength of an Olympian in a marathon. And all that effort could only yield one decent conversation or a few civilized exchange of words.

In an open exchange of ideas where misunderstandings occur as surely as the sun rises each morning, it is a pocket of heaven to find like-minded or like-hearted souls. They are the ones where you can admit your deepest secrets, expose your biggest fears and be your meanest mean self without fear of being judged or labelled as insignificant or irrelevant to society’s cancers. There are avenues to care about the ills of society. Sometimes we just need time to think within to be of help to the problems without.

We celebrate diversity of ideas. But sometimes, when we just want to chill out our souls and take off all those inhibitions, our restless hearts find solace in our soul sisters and brothers.

At best, if we cannot understand other people’s miseries, we can at least try to make their life’s journey more bearable for them by giving the best imprints we can possibly give at each encounter.

Food for thought for me and you: What imprints have we been leaving to other people lately? =)

I hope they are all good and filled with optimism.let us always strive to promote positive imprints. and drown all the evil with the abundance of GOOD.

A First Repost: Kapag Buong UP Nag-Rally

I don’t repost habitually. However, this is something that I genuinely want to share to people. UP friends will most especially find this funny, but I think many schools can relate… I placed bold and italic in some passages that won me over. :mrgreen:

I got this from an FB friend’s notes (Lex C.). All credit duly given to LASERJACK1013 of Multiply. ūüôā Super natawa lang ako dito… And yeah, I think it defines UP life in a nutshell for the different colleges. Watch out for ENGINEERING. hahaha.


Minsan, napag-usapang magrally upang patalsikin si GMA. Kanya-kanyang trabaho ang mga bumubuo sa UP..

(disclaimer: Ito po’y kathang-isip lamang. Lahat ng makakapareho sa kuwentong ito ay hindi sinasadya. Hindi rin po nais manira. In short, peace!)

School of Statistics¬†– sila ang magsisimula ng survey kung sino ang may gusto pa kay GMA. Dahil negative ang result, magpapasimula na ng rally kasi wala na palang may gusto sa kanya.”10 out of 10 ang nagsasabing lumalaki na ang nunal niya…rally na tayo!”

Asian Institute of Tourism¬†– sila ang matotoka sa biyahe papuntang Malaca√Īang.”Please fasten your seatbelts. We are about to fight.”

College of Business Administration¬†– sasakay sa kotse at magbubusin nang magbubusina sa harap ng Malaca√Īang.”I’m gonna beep beep na. You make beep beep na din.

School of Econ¬†– kasama sa mga magbubusina.”Pag bumaba na si GMA, bababa na ang presyo ng D&G at Havaianas.”

College of Social Work and Community Dev’t¬†– magsisiwalat ng lahat ng *toot* ni GMA at magpapaliwanag ng epekto nito sa community”Kapag nanatili po si GMA, papandak ang susunod na henerasyon.

College of Fine Arts¬†– susuporta sa CSWCD sa pag-iilustrate ng¬† mga maaring mangyari.“Tignan niyo,payag ba kayo na maging pink ang monumento ni Rizal? At magiging Marikina na ang capital para sa paggawa ng dancing shoes sa ballroom.” alternative: sila ang magdedesign ng bonggang-bonggang streamers and placards.

College of Home Economics¬†– ang tagapagbigay ng pagkain sa mga rallyista upang tumagal ang rally.”Oh, kain muna. Buttered Chicken breast sprinkled with onion chives po ang merienda natin.”

*HRIM¬†– ang magseserve ng mga food.”Good morning ma’am,rally number 5 po. Reserved po talaga yun.”

Law¬†– teka, nagsasampa pa ng impeachment cases.”Objection your honor, walang cheese yung order niyo.”

School of Library and Info Science¬†– tutulong sa pagreresearch ng impeachment cases.”Ahm, san yung reserve slip mo?”

College of Arts and Letters¬†– ang mga magsisisigaw at magrarali sa labas ng Malaca√Īang habang may automatic translation din para sa iba’t-ibang international news channels sa mundo.”GMA, resign! Hasta la vista sa katipunan” (?)

College of Mass Communication¬†– ang mga mas malakas sumigaw at magrali sa labas. Nagtatawag din ng iba pa sa pamamagitan ng media. Party na ito!!”Chacha, ibasura! Chapatusin si Gloria!”

Music¬†– noise barrage”To be conducted by Freddie Aguilar…”

College of Social Sciences and Philosophy¬†– ang pilit papasok sa loob at palalayasin si GMA sa iba’t-ibang paraan:

*Kasaysayan¬†– tatakutin si GMA sa pamamagitan ng pagpapaalala ng nangyari kay Marcos noon. “Lagot ka, di ka rin namin ililibing.”

*Archaeology¬†– susuportahin ang pananakot kay GMA sa pagpapakita ng artifacts.”(Silence)”

*Geography¬†– hahanap ng paraan para madaling maitulak si GMA sa Pasig River. “Mas accessible dito.”

*Philosophy¬†– teka, nakikipag-argumento pa…(Eh, hindi nga eh…)

College of Human Kinetics¬†– tutumbling papasok ng Malaca√Īang upang hindi mapansin ng guards. Huhulihin si GMA at tutulong sa mga Geographers para maitulak si GMA sa Ilog Pasig.” Hooh, hah! Yah!”

College of Science Рang palabang grupo

Geology¬†– magpupukol ng bato sa mga bintana. “#@*&% mo, Quartzite yang pinambabato ko!

Biology¬†– magpapakawala ng frogs sa loob ng Malaca√Īang para magkagulo. “Oh, hulihin yung mga buwaya diyan. Kailangan natin ng specimen.”

Chem¬†–¬† acid attack! Lalagyan ng mataas na molarity ng hydrochloric acid ang lumalaking nunal ni Gloria!¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† alternative: taga-gawa ng bomba.

Math Рpapatunayang indeterminate kapag nag-approcah to infinity ang limit ng function ni GMA as president.                alternative: bubuo ng malaking robot ang Voltes V, Powerpuff Girls, Power Rangers at Spice Girls upang tapusin at tirisin ang nunal ni GMA na naging gigantic villain.

Educ¬†– pag-aaralin muli si GMA ng kursong Ballroom Dancing para malaman niya ang tunay na meaning ng Cha-cha. Tuturuan din siya ng GMRC, EKAWP at Values Education kasi parang kinulang siya doon.”Pag binato ka ng sapatos tulad ni George, wag mong gagantihan. Wag ka na ring umiwas kasi di ka naman talaga matatamaan.”

Engineering¬†– ang magpapalayas ng tuluyan kay GMA kasi… kasi… teka anong meron? Stampede? Ba’t ang daming tao? Ba’t… (uhm) …(line was cut off)”Sugod one-third ng population ng UPD!”

Architecture¬†– magdrodrowing ng panibagong structure ng Malaca√Īang pagtapos sumabog sa dami ng engineers.”Ito ang bagong Malaca√Īang. Gawin nating bilog para sa susunod, wala nang takas. Dito natin ilagay yung fountain sa gitna.”

National College ofPublic Administration and Governance Рbubuo ng panibagong gobyerno.

Admin¬†– ang bagong gobyerno(?)”Oi, tanggalin na yang ‘university’ sa plate ko. ‘President, ______ of the Philippines’ na lang”

Special Participation:

Vargas Museum¬†– patitigasang bronze cast si GMA at gagawing bench. Sa CASAA.”Ang inuupuan ninyo ngayon ay ang rebulto bilang ala-ala kay Snow White na isinumpa ng seven dwarves.”



Boo yah! hahahaha!

Compute Your Monthly Electric Consumption Through Meralco’s M.A.C. App

After the nth time of hearing “Turn that laptop off… Ang kuryente tumataas!”… I was totally motivated to scrap all the writing assignments for the hour and get it settled once and for all. Once again, the effort paid off.

I decided to do some research on why our bill statement from Meralco jumped by around 800 pesos from last month. Is it really the fault of Gab, my Lenovo Netbook?

I knew right from the start that it was NOT Gab’s fault. I just had to have a concrete way to prove it. And stop this incessant yakking about rising bills.

And what do you know? Fickle Fate smiled upon me. Meralco actually has an online and downloadable app that will allow you to know which appliances are the true culprits. Check it out here.

I did the analysis for our home appliances and I learned that Gab cannot be responsible for the 800 pesos jump. I only had my laptop for around two weeks.

In reality, it was the following things that caused the spike in our electric bill:

1. increased TV usage (Sky Cable was installed just this month.) — 400+ pesos (from 200+ previously)

2. Water Dispenser which is on 24/7 — 586 pesos (fixed amount)

3. 5 cubic inch Sanyo Refrigerator — 400+ pesos

Just keeping record so that my mom will know. I showed it to her immediately after I placed in all our home appliances. I’m happy that Gab has been given its electric justice.

Also, I went a step ahead. I computed how much it will cost each month if I use Gab 6 hours per day at 7 days per week. In a month, Gab will only eat 470 pesos of the electric consumption.

As I am in the office from 8am-6pm, I am a lucky girl if I even plug the netbook for three hours per day. And mind you, the estimation of Meralco was for a Desktop with a plug for a CPU and monitor, not a singly plugged tiny Netbook. That only means this: Gab is probably just eating half of the estimated amount given by that limited Meralco calculator.

My theory of the electric issue is this: there are a lot of “jumper” neighbors who may be insipidly and surely tapping from the main electric lines and all the accountability goes to the legally paying consumers like us. But actually, I learned that we were billed lower than what was expected in the calculator app that I tinkered with just a few minutes ago. They should be the ones getting the hot seat, not my poor Gabby…

Sighs. Better go back to earning that 500 pesos or so that Gab will eat in the next bill.

Primum Primi

What is Primum Primi? Did you have a Primum Primi moment this week?

It’s been 3 weeks since I last heard this Latin phrase but it still rings in the back of my head. Like an attached colony of lice. Hahaha. Or a slipper that accidentally got stepped on an adhesive rat trap. I tried to get Google’s help as I write this, but my gosh, all I got was a bunch of Latin phrases. It’s that uncommon in vocabulary. But super common in real life. So once and for all, let’s post about Primum Primi to put all my noisy neural waves to rest.

I think we were discussing Confession during that particular doctrine class. And then there was the question and answer portion after the class. Somebody asked about sudden outbursts, if they are considered sin or not.

If I may be allowed to define it in my own words, it’s the outburst that comes from one’s primal instinct. Primum primi is something that one must not confess. It’s not sin; it can be an outburst that has an unpleasant ring to it, but it’s not a sin.

Let’s set a concrete example:
A child falls off the jeepney. You scream some unpleasant words. “Ay kamote!” or something else. (Can’t tell other R-13 phrases because I have 10-year-old readers.)

So that’s not sin, as per Catholic doctrine teaching. Because according to our teacher, sin only happens when there is a deliberate motive to do something. In the case of saying “Ay ***** mo”, there was no intention to harm. There was just an initial reaction that caused you to react severely over a shocking thing.

I wish our teacher Nini shared some more; primum primi just kept on going in my head for three weeks. To think she had other interesting topics like Matrimony, Chastity and the real deal on RH bill (and why the Catholic Church does not like some of its parts).

How interesting to know that there is a better term for “sudden outbursts” in Catholic doctrine.

Genuine Attenuation of Negative Energies

I’ve always been interested in human psychology, though I admit that it does not really answer all the questions of the universe. Like what I said in my previous post, I fell in love with a new word from Frose (my pet name for the first manuscript project I am working on): ATTENUATION. It means to “diminish in value”.

Some thoughts on attenuation of the least helpful psychological garbage. Oh, we are all at risk in picking up negative vibes. Verbal abuse victims are most especially prone to not feeling good when they say no to people. Sad programming from repetitive verbal abuse. But no worries, it is totally possible to improve.

The first thing to do is REJECT the negative vibes instantly. Stop clicking that destructive page; stop engaging into the negative train of thoughts. It could be anything: a certain website, an image of a person or what not’s. The minute you start entertaining them even for a second, they just spiral off into a full-blown time waster.

Second, understand that there are people who invade boundaries by nature. Asserting your rights does not mean you are madamot or inconsiderate. There are some people who feel guilty with saying NO. The only antidote is to SAY NO as often as you need, so that you will no longer have to feel guilty about being yourself later.

Maybe I should give some examples.

In my job interview, I was given a situational question that people might find useful. It goes like this: suppose that you are given a task. All of a sudden, the boss gives you an additional urgent task. You end up not finishing the task you were originally supposed to deliver. But you finished the urgent thing. After that, you got a low employee rating. What do you do?

This is an example where genuine attenuation is necessary. As a person, know what you can and cannot do. Give a heads up to the boss if you need an extension for the original task. Being afraid of asking for extension is much worse than letting the chips fall as they may. Chances are, you will have a hunch that you need an extension, so ask away.

I refuse to nurse complaints with how unfair and how inconsiderate the boss was blah blah blah. That’s an open invitation to spiraling off to job dissatisfaction.

I finished off my answer this way:  I will do my best not to get to that situation. And if I do get there, I will stop yapping about how unfair it was and just take it. I believe that if you are really a good employee, even if you have unjustly been rankled in lieu of a single task, it will not diminish your excellence by one bit.

On a personal note, some people may oblige you to do stuff for them. They may make you feel like you are doing yourself a favor in enslaving yourself to them. But don’t be fooled. If you feel inside that the deal is iffy, say no. Even for stuff, there are people who make you feel so guilty for things that are not really bad.

There are really pushy people who insist and intimidate their way into getting you to say yes for them. Best tip for such: Get a safe distance, then say NO from a distance.

And another thing: being responsible and accountable to one’s self is the best way to eliminate bad vibes. Lifted this from the blog of sage contemporary writing master, Paulo Coelho’s blog: “A man who looks fixedly at the sun ends up blind. A man who only looks for Light, and shifts his responsibilities onto the shoulders of others, never finds what he is seeking”

Attenuation is the first step. Once you have done attenuation, go for complete obliteration.

Lots of cheers to good and genuine vibes!

So much for that! I better finish reading Chicago Manual of Style so that I can do my job excellently.