when bad things happen

Today is the day where things did not go right. I had to pay rent today and my landlady was at my neck already, texting me and emailing me about the money. I had to go to Unionbank today to figure out why my online banking feature is disabled. I only got there to discover a worse fact: my account was FROZEN.

And get this: FROZEN because their thank you letter ten months ago was not received in my address.

What kind of crap is that? Now, I couldn’t withdraw, much less close my bank account. I didn’t change residence. I was pretty much living in the same place for over twenty years now.

It got fixed just now. But it meant me staying there for almost three hours. Their customer care wasn’t exactly caring. They are paralyzed unless the Cebu office replies to their emails. And their manager was unbelievably evil. They had me wait there until they close.

I just felt so helpless there, while my landlady was probably fuming because I wasn’t able to shoot the money in her account. She probably hates me for something that was not really my fault.

For days, I tried to shoot the money. Had no idea that the whole account is frozen for almost a year now. Funny how all deposits are allowed but withdrawals cannot be made.

Anyway, it was a wasted day for me. I had tons of work in the Internet waiting for me but I was barely able to accomplish anything. Just because of a stupid thank you letter that did not get delivered to the right place.

Ever felt that way? so… Helpless. Unable to do something that could expedite the unfair hassle.

So there.

It was not entirely a bad day, per se. Bad things just happen. We don’t intend bad things to happen, but they just do…

people say it’s bad to be a pessimist. But i like the concept of secret optimist. The one who expects the worst but hopes for the best.

So these days my love life is a mess, my bank account needs a wrestling match to function well and i am unemployed still. These are not bad. These are CHALLENGES. I should adjust myself accordingly.

Can it be any worse? It can. Tomorrow, on my way to my interview, anything can happen.

I am expecting nothing. I am just hoping for the best.

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