>These days have been far from being idle. I have meetings here and there, tasks to do for different people. And yes, my own personal promise to pamper myself comes up from time to time.

Who would ever think I am unemployed fulltime at the moment? Even watching glee on TV is becoming a rarity.

I had this lifestyle prior to taking the board exam. I practically filled my calendar to the brim and it was super stressful.

Surprisingly, I am supposed to be stressed by my four part time stints. But I am not.

Since I started resuming my mental prayer routine in the morning, there is a certain quieting of my mind that makes everything seem to run serenely.

Sure, there are kinks for a couple of minutes just as a good dress has small wrinkles that can be ironed out over time. There are minor irritations like smelly bus seatmates and a troubled atm user ahead in the line who tried to withdraw money for the nth time and the nth minute.

Yet… Things fall into place. Thankful for the Hand that holds everything with me. For that fifteen minutes I spend each morning mentally aligning myself to Him, the rest of the 24 hours just work out fine. I no longer seem to need more than 24 hours a day even when tasks seem to swimmingly wade up my neck.

I also noticed that I only get bothered when I try to pattern myself in a certain way or compare myself to others. There are ideal principles, but each person’s path is marked out differently.

The pie of the world’s resources is more than enough for everyone. No need to hoard; no need to get worried if somebody gets a good break while I still patiently wait for my turn in the sidelines.

My friend’s stepmom’s words still resonates in my ear even months after our last conversation.. “People and relationships are more important than things.”

And it was so true. 🙂

Much of life’s sweetest moments are not in the tempered chocolates that delight the senses for a moment; the sweetest moments are those when kindness and love is sown to one’s self and to others.

Made a point to include sowing kindness to one’s self because some people seem to forget that duty.

I try not to jump up and down when thinking of that dream job that is so close but so far at the same time. I just try to sit still and relish where I am now.

Enjoying the journey while I pine for the destination. Unruffled, at that.

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