Rising to the Occasion

it is shameful to even consider crawling back to bed when there are people counting on me to deliver some outputs. Good thing the rain stopped and it decreased the temptation of sleeping the entire morning away.

I’ve been taught to view every inconvenience as a form of prayer. So when I am going out of the house this morning to do some stuff even when everything else inside tells me to stay indoors and sleep, I will just think that I am offering it up as a prayer for the people who, like me, are trying to start their careers. And I will also offer it as a prayer for the abandoned children in different parts of the world, that they may find love and a family. And also to those who are starving and homeless.

I guess I find no reason to stay idle, given these things I have committed to praying for through my inconveniences. I realize that if I were to be trusted with the big things, it is imperative to be reliable in the small everyday things…

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