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>After a painful decision of ending a romance, my balm of healing came from a hotel room. No, it is not what you think. I spent the night in Malibay’s new hotel with my mom and sister Harvey.
There is something about being alone…
The allure of solitude beckoned to me once again, like a tiger licking its wounds so that it can spring much higher after its fall.
I savored each moment in transit. There was some intimate cord that makes Pasay’s streets seem so homey and unwelcome at the same time. I embrace the irony.
Aboard the train on my way to this place, I saw the pink hues of the sky along Jones Bridge at sunset. It was as if a huge pink cotton candy was swirled and flattened on the gray sky. Like a retarded child who accidentally did a masterpiece on canvass.
But God is no retard and He does not commit accidents…
I journey again back to being child like. Childlike, not childish.
There was once upon a time in my life where everything was filled with wonder. Where the mundane stuff like entering a mall seems like entering a cave of wonders.
Yesterday, I said goodbye to two dozens of roses that symbolized two people who desperately tried to make it work. At the expense of themselves. It was a romance that began and later departed from grace.
The pain will stay for awhile. The sting will come when Time bids the true signs that everything is now a thing of my sorry past.

But I know that things will get better. I might have some more of these days like here at the hotel now. Crying when no one is watching. And just watching other people and things the rest of the time.

It does not make sense now. It does not have to, really. When the puzzle pieces do not seem to form anything, glue all those brokenness with hope and faith.
They will get better. They have gotten better before. And in this life, the only legitimate action is to keep moving forward.

Life will be roses and chocolates anew when my time comes for it. And I will have my world of wonders again, hopefully never to be taken away again.

2 thoughts on “>park bed and breakfast hotel

  1. >hugs, anak
    here, read this poem from Chato

    Moving On
    the time will come
    when new beginnings will start other endings
    and all false hopes will finally be free
    moving on will not be as hard as it seems
    letting go will not cause pains that pierce
    hearts will start to open
    to love that might have been
    no more questions left unanswered
    no more traces of tears
    smiles will replace sadness
    and laughter will fill the atmosphere
    for finding happiness is easier
    than looking back to not so good memories
    nothing left to hold on to
    free fall to the world of chances
    where better memories will be built
    nightmares will turn into dreams
    where fairy tales will finally come true.
    source: http://poemsfromtheheart.wordpress.com/2008/10/31/moving-on/#more-468
    your Nanay

  2. >hi nanay! thanks po. i keep on going back to this post just to read the poem… =) hug.

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