>decisions, decisions!

>today is a monumental day for me; everything inside of me is dictating that i document everything that happens from today. hence, a new blog. and hopefully, the last blog! haha.

i made a major decision this morning. and i emailed an important person this afternoon.
i said goodbye to a person i thought i will be spending the rest of my life with.
and i said hello to an old friend who became my enemy once because of an immature feud gone haywire.

it was not a very relaxing set of tasks today, but the struggle is worth it.
because it was for my peace of mind and promoting good vibes to planet Earth for the long term.

while my time is sandwiched in between part time gigs, i ruminate on the perfect path for my career.

i am an engineer who can write, and i don’t know exactly what it is that i want to do next. my being able to do these things at the same time can sometimes be a bane. because i don’t get to narrow down things that easily. but the perk is that i get the best of both worlds. and the options are just endless for me now…

today’s decisions are the stuff that the future will be made of.

this blog is anonymous, it’s new and it’s not SEO ranked.
i guess it is pretty safe to park my thoughts here and just see where my new adventure as an engineer will take me…
only the good internet diggers can dig through these thoughts hehe.

i don’t know if there will be readers
(i did have some followers on my FB notes, but i deactivated my FB this week. it will be dead for ten months and active again on august 2010.)

and in times of uncertainty, i only go back to that one thing which had me started to begin with: WRITING.

i know it will take me to the right place eventually. i am sure of it.

2 thoughts on “>decisions, decisions!

  1. >you'll be in the right place soon…. you've said you have the best of both worlds.. 🙂

    AJA for writing gorgeous-geek.

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