2000 step process

sister dee from carmel texted me last week. After my rant day yesterday, i had the privilege of reading again that message. And… Light bulb. I had a new idea to cheer me up.

the message said that thomas edison failed 2000 times before he got the light bulb right.

But he said those were not failures for it was simply a “2000-step process”…

Blimey, I got inspired.

So I am going to take my time in these things I cannot have. Who knows, mine can be a 10000-step process to finding the right place to start my career…

If the light bulb inventor did not complain, what right do I have to get pissed… Haha.

today i am on step 13… I’ll be counting my steps so that I can say the same thing he did with the many times it did not work out.

May fickle Fate smile upon me….

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