penguin connection

adelie penguin

note: (this is the only post where i’ll be using an animate object…)

i pine. i perish. but i wait.

fact about me: i wait for the right person and i spend almost half of my life waiting for him.

i don’t settle for less. though there are other substandard penguins who insinuate that i spend my precious time with them while i wait for my partner in life.

it’s very difficult, going against the tide. when i see large ice sheets falling beneath my feet, my first instinct is to seek loving arms that will embrace me and tell me that it’s all right… that i am not alone… that i am loved… that i am precious.

but i know that somewhere out there, my partner is also making the same sacrifice, probably standing under far worse circumstances but still making the choice to wait for me and him to find each other at some fated bend, at some junction of life where our lives will start to intermingle forever.

and it won’t be nice nor loving of me to just grab things out of their sweet time in impatience because i don’t see my partner in my present horizon.

so i wait. and i strengthen myself because i know that even when the time comes that i will find my partner in life, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all my strength and success will be handed over in senseless submission. although i vow to support whoever my partner is in life, i still want to make sure that i have a life apart from him and that life will not cease in the day that we find each other and be together.

i pine. i perish. and i wait.

and i know that you are worth it.

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