career test and self-control

Career Inventory Test Results
Extroversion |||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 83%
Emotional Stability ||||||||||||||| 43%
Orderliness |||||||||||||||||| 56%
Altruism ||||||||||||||| 46%
Inquisitiveness |||||||||||||||||||||||| 80%
? You are an Executive, possible professions include – program designer, attorney, administrator, office manager, chemical engineer, sales manager, logistics consultant, franchise owner, new business developer, personnel manager, investment banker, labor relations, management trainer, credit investigator, mortgage broker, corporate team trainer, environmental engineer, biomedical engineer, business consultant, educational consultant, personal financial planner, network integration specialist, media planner/buyer.
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hmmm gusto ko pa naman sana mag-theology… pero parang pang-executive daw pala ang beauty ko sabi nung career test. ? ************* hahaha anyway when i googled my name today, i checked my running status sa Takbong May Yabang event ( Aba’y akalain mong 14th pala ako sa age 20-29 na bracket. hmmm. Pwede na rin…Naglakad lang naman ako dun sa ibang areas eh. ************* i have received flowers since i was 12 years old tuwing feb. first time this year na wala. hindi naman ako nalungkot, au contraire. natuwa ako kasi it means that medyo nakaka-focus na ako sa mga bagay-bagay at natupad ko yung sinabi ko this year na wala muna. though i am sorely tempted to do otherwise on a daily basis. crucifying myself daily just to make sure na wala akong gawing sablay. tama na ang ilang taong pagkapasaway sa UP. talked to my mentor. (yes, i finally found my mentor after such a long time of being pasaway.) and then she explicitly told me: “Helen Mary S. Labao, no boys muna this year ha? Please… it’s for your own good” Hahaha i’m 23 years old na but I AGREE with her. 2009 is soul-searching year. i do daydream sometimes to compensate for the things i can’t have. but ummm, it’s not too good. every moment i spend daydreaming is a moment taken away from making reality better than my dreams. now the most noble thing about saying no to something is not avoiding it. but it’s in knowing that the temptation is there for my grabbing but i still refuse to do it. so anyway, i will try. no… i will really do it this year. sumablay lang night before feb 14 but other than that, i succeeded in eluding desperate single guy friends looking for company last saturday. haha. my internet life’s back. but it’s very limited. i’m just keeping this blog, which has been my blog since time immemorial… and i spend the rest of the online time reading up on conspiracy theories and fitness tips if i’m not doing a field survey plan for my major subjects. i miss my art blog. i might be writing something on it sometime. ( ? ? ? ? ]]>