the need to divide myself into bits

i have 2 jobs, which are both fulltime. graduating student and legal research assistant. on top of that, i am a daughter, an older sister and a friend. with girlfriend completely ticked out of the checklist, i can say that the load has been much much lighter. but how come it’s still so toxic?

take for instance this very instant. i am just taking a breather from what i finished for one subject. i worked on that digitizing for the past 5 hours. i was supposed to come here to work on my job.?

but noooo… the lab exercise took all of my time.

i just wish i could have my hands tied to the digitizing work and i could have my eyes placed somewhere in the legal materials i need to make a review of!

and i just wanted to slice myself in half so i can handle everything.

but this isn’t possible so maybe i could just wish that i can just accept that i can’t have it all at the same time.

so much for that.

a bit more work and it’s the end of the day for me!!! weee.

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