A Musical Note's Quandary

(note: i did this june 6,2007 at 11:31 am)

music notes

I am a musical note through and through. Please wake me up before the song is over.

I work according to the undulations of which I sprang out of. I work in synergy with other notes, in sweet symphony. I am bare when I stand alone, but sometimes I do try. I end up sounding like an awkward thing trying to make anything up just to oppose the silence of the surroundings, trying to fill with a single smidgen of sound the vacuum which intends to devour me alive.

What is my melody? The fact is that I can never make my own melody alone. I need the right notes, the right bars and an acquaintance with the G-clefs and F-clefs which defines how deep or high I should go in the song of life. I keep trying to find which melody fits me, though the quest continually eludes me. I have hopped from one song to another, hoping that in one of those songs I will find that place, be it a space or a line in the Maker’s staff, with which I can safely anchor myself.

It is best for me to know where I stand when I am used for a certain melody. I make waves and the best music when I am combined with fellows who complement my tunes. I sing my utmost when i am confident that I am singing and positioned in the right song.

Many a song with which I have woefully miscast myself upon drove me to tears, frustration and utmost misery. Sometimes I am just placing myself in a song and not really knowing what it’s for. But I just hope that I am part of a big hit and not some unknown musical flop that does not even rise to the dignity of a musician’s error.

I hop from one song to another today, hoping that I will land in the right tune and be in the right melody. And when it is not the right tune, I wait until the song is over and I try to move frantically to the music sheets of those which seemed to be better than the last thing I had been part of.

Am I in the right song this time? Maybe yes, then I am here to stay for you. But if not…

I am a musical note through and through. Please wake me up before the song is over.

So that I may move on to the next song.

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