talking about other people… my version

i just can’t figure out what’s so fabulouso with talking about other people or stabbing them in back.

but no don’t get me wrong. i am not here to stab people in the back.

i am here to talk about people, though.  all in a good way.
so much of my previous blogs has always been about ME… ME… ME!

and i grew tired of updating it because i grew tired of focusing on… (you guessed it right!)… ME!

andi realized that in life you are not really made to focus on self frequently because a lot of bad things could happen:

a.) you get narcissistic

b.) you get insane

c.) you become out of sync with the world

d.) you get paranoid.

let’s just see where the tides will take me in my quest to look more outside myself. as i blog in another less selfish and more exciting chapter of my life…

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