random thoughts at 19…

last friday, i turned nineteen.

it’s weird.

puro pantulog ang regalo nila sa akin. maybe it’s their way of saying: “Sheng, magpahinga ka naman!” hahahahaha. the workaholic me prevails…

and to make the change in me visible, I HAD MY HAIR DYED COPPER RED! Woohoo!! Fieldwork days are not so hateful anymore. It’s a perfect time to show off the bright hue!

F na F ko nga lumabas ngayon sa arawan e! hehehehe…. if in case hindi niyo ma-imagine ang kulay ng hair ko ngayon, think Mary Jane Watson during Spiderman One. =) Ganon.

I’ve been drooling over her coiff for such a long time na. At last, I finally got to risk my long, jetblack hair. I headed to David’s Salon and they were shocked that I actually wanted the brightest shade of red for my hair. hehehe… It cost me a fortune, but it’s worth it. Really.

nak nang tokwang tagal ko nang hindi nakakapag-post! bakit kamo? sobrang pagka-busy.

ngayon nga hindi ko na lam kung paano ko sisimulan ang kuwento e…

random na lang…


FR na lang kulang ko sa GE Club!


To think i was supposed to defer because of some unpleasant stuff prior to my interview ….no need to elaborate on that… it’s part of the application process i guess… being misjudged is also part of life. believe me, hadn’t it been for my co-applicants and my guardian (who happens to be the president of the said org!), i would have said goodbye and missed the chance of being enlightened during the interview. but that doesn’t justify what some members did to me (that made me consider quitting). kakarmahin din sila. hindi naman lahat ng mems kagaya nila kaya itutuloy ko na ang pagpasok doon.

my interview lasted for 7 and a half hours. i wasn’t able to attend my classes last thursday because of it. ako pa ung pinakamaiksi sa aming mga na-interview na (one of my co-apps lasted for 12 hours)… and to quote one member: “lenient” pa nga daw ang mga mems sa akin sa lagay na iyon dahil sa hinihika ako.

i came out of the interview a changed person. after i consumed one thick roll of tissue paper and countless puffs of my asthma inhaler during the almost-8 hours that they were grilling me… naisip ko wala na talagang talikuran ito. at pag natanggap ako, siguradong mamahalin ko talaga ang GE Club. Ngayon pa nga lang e, parang na-ensure na ang commitment at loyalty ko doon.

this club, during my application, made me a better person. lumakas loob ko. nagagawa ko na ngayon ang mga bagay na hindi ko ma-imagine na magagawa ko dati. a year ago, i would have turned away and avoided the things being given me. but now i faced them. and with that, there is a certain level of accomplishment in the fact na nalampasan ko siya.

in fairness, they were able to explain some baffling questions i had of GE Club. and i understood the sense of driving us (applicants) to the edge, bringing us to extremes of our emotions and cross-examining us incessantly during the interview. some people didn’t want to apply in organizations such as GE Club, kasi mahirap daw at “walang sense”. I used to think of it in the same way. Pero after ng interview ko naliwanagan talaga ako.

Totoo namang mahirap e. Pero unless you’re there and you experienced it for yourself, you can never really say na walang sense ang mga pinapagawa nila sa mga applicants. MERON. sa maniwala kayo o sa hindi. MERON talaga. Yung nga lang, hindi siya obvious. It will only come out after you sit down for long hours with the mems. Syempre, not everyone would dare try. It’s a risk, yes… but it’s a risk worth taking.


napanindigan ko ang mga desisyon ko. talagang nahihirapan ako pero proud ako sabihin na pinaninindigan ko lahat at handa ako sa mga consequences ng mga pinaggagagawa ko.

21 units of subjects. nilalaban ko ang ES 11 kahit parang malabong ipasa ko on first take.

my part time job is still ongoing. i still have an article assignment every now and then.

and finally, my application to GE Club is almost over. our FR is scheduled on September 19.

this is suicide semester. pero alam kong hindi excuse na tinambakan ko ang sarili ko ng trabaho para bumagsak or mag-drop.haharapin ko lahat toh.

hindi ko na lang uulitin next sem ang ginawa ko ngayon pero tatapusin ko talaga toh.


got this from birthday alarm’s free astrology chuva tienes…

Section 1: How You Approach Life and How You Appear To Others

You have a sensible and realistic outlook on life and your two feet are always planted firmly on the ground (though you may, on occasion, have your head in the clouds). Others often see you as a rock of strength, solid, reliable, dependable, and constant. You are, in fact, amazingly consistent for you possess great powers of endurance and do not like to make changes or adjustments in your regular routine. You do things deliberately and methodically and do not easily accommodate the unexpected. Though you have a gentle, even soft, appearance, you are enormously strong-willed and stubborn. You go at your own pace and refuse to be rushed or pushed into anything before you feel sure about it. You can be coaxed and persuaded by charm, beauty, love, or affection – but never forced. You won’t fight either, but simply stubbornly resist any attempt to coerce you to do something you do not want to do.

Section 2: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation

At heart you are modest and humble, and you rarely strive to be in the limelight or in a position of power. You have a sharp analytical mind, a keen eye for detail, and you prefer to observe, dissect, and study life from a distance. Conscientious and conservative, you can be relied upon to be careful, efficient, and thorough in your work and you take pride in doing a job well. What you may lack in self-confidence you often make up for in skill – developing expertise, technical knowledge, and competency in some specialized area. You are adept at using your hands to create or fix things, and meticulous attention to detail and careful craftsmanship are your forte. Some would say you are a little TOO meticulous, for you can be extremely critical and petty if everything is not done exactly as you think it should be, and you worry about things that other people consider trivial and unimportant. You like to organize, categorize, and arrange everything into a logical system, and you are often distinctly uncomfortable when something does not fit into a neat category. Disorganization vexes you. You probably wish that you were not such a perfectionist, for besides being a stickler for details, you can be mercilessly self-critical as well. Whether in your environment or in yourself, you tend to focus on the flaws, with a desire to improve, refine, and perfect. You are strictly factual, truthful, and scrupulously honest in your self-estimation, and you often do not give yourself enough praise or credit


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