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21 units is no joke especially if you’re in engineering…

so, what’s in this sem’s menu?

Physics 73 (MTThF 7:30-8:30am)

apparently thermodynamics is an everyday affair


Pan Pil 19 (Tao at Sekswalidad or something to that effect) @ 8:30-10:00

ES 1 (Engineering Drawing that requires a very imaginative mind) @ 11:30-2:30… so much for a normal lunch break

GE 115 (MINE SURVEYING… don’t have any idea on what we do here) @ 4:00-5:00


ES 11 (Statics of Rigid Bodies also known as the “dreaded onse”!) @ 8:30-10:00am

Hum 1 (Humanidades) @ 11:30-1:00pm

GE 12 (Elementary Surveying II or High Level Surveying) @ 1:00-5:00pm

And a bonus workout awaits me four times a week since all these classes are situated at the fourth/third floor… in separate buildings at times. so I have to jog up AS and Engg… which is just so timely considering my physical plight. all twentyplus inches of tummy fat awaits to be bulldozed.

Today I had a closet dilemma… er, I mean, I was looking for an outfit to wear… guess what? 3/4 of my present wardrobes don’t fit anymore! Any gurlash knows that this is a major fashion crisis ayt? So I had to make an emergency shopping spree today. Fortunately, there was a mall sale.

Bargains… got 3 stretchable low-rise denims, 1 unique skirt and 3 lovely tops for 1,300 bucks… courtesy of the SM department store and Genevieve Gozum…

I’ve had emergencies in my life before, but this type of crisis is my favorite- where my wants become needs all of a sudden. at least i could ask my dad for an allowance for outfits without having to lie at all…

What’s even nicer is that my friend Alta was with me the whole time. We were trying out outfits. Grabe ang daming tao kanina! I really had a great time talaga… and i got updated with my friend’s love life pa…

back to the acad talk…

i’m really scared of ES 11… of all my engineering friends in UP, i’ve only met one who passed it on first take. apparently, he’s a monster in physics. and i’m… well… i’m a mutated ant.

most of my friends are on take two of the dreaded engineering subject. imagine my paranoia. i haven’t had a 5.0 yet, although my transcript is loudly decorated with a 4.0 and a series of DRPs… that’s just about the worst And I’ve experienced all types of grades (1.0,1.25,1.5,,2.25,2.5,2.75,3.0,4.0) except for that heavy 5.0. Medyo swerte na rin yun kung tutuusin.

enough about the acads…


modelling and my so-called career…

i ditched the modelling stint because it requires too much time and training doesn’t come for free. i won’t waste 3500 para lang laitin ng isang bading na instructress on how to walk and stand and sit and talk like a model. if i need that extensive training, i’d head to abs-cbn talent center and do it the HERO way!

there’s a heavier reason: DIET. that’s torture for me. i’d rather outgrow my clothes than reduce my 6-meals-a-day regimen. i’m a rice person.

all hope is not lost, though. these opportunities are not totally gone. i’ve agreed to take on extra roles at the moment to some local shows just to get a bit exposed and i would somehow build up on that career when i’m not too busy with school.

i’m close to becoming a jack of all trades, i think.


watched harry potter na… everyone seems to be saying the same thing.


elections: the ruling intellegentia will never allow FPJ to be elected president.


gilbert and I will be having our anniversary soon.

10 months na kami sa friday. you know what, i still have thoughts… kung hindi naging kami ano kayang nangyari… mga ganon… oh well. what we have now is wonderful, though. i have everything but a single regret that will remain in the recesses of my mind for quite some time. silly thoughts not worth giving much contemplation. nonetheless, i’m very happy with what i have.

mahal na mahal ko siya.


I like this YM beta hah! especially the radio! i don’t chat anymore because i am too tired to talk. i’m just updating this and enjoying the sounds.


watched victim extreme last night and of course, the SCQ magic 5 was featured.

i used to hate Sandara Park, but after watching and seeing what a heart of gold she has…. i kind of liked her.

some people may find it jologs, pero di ba nakakatuwa lang na nakikita mo yung tunay na ugali nung tao kapag wala na sa camera?

which reminds me. tangina i missed today’s episode!


i think this is enough for now. i really liked Mj’s blog. i wish i could do something like that. =)]]>

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