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SHREK 2!!!!! Supposed to watch van helsing but i changed my mind! This is much more relaxing. No peso wasted on Shrek… I so adore Puss in Boots! He’s soooooooo cute! *swoons* I especially like his lethal wepon of attack. I will not tell you cause i might spoil the whole film if I divulge it here agad! I’ll give it an eleven out of a ten for laughtrip. People, you gotta watch Shrek 2. It will make you laugh. Sumakit tiyan ko kakatawa! ==*==*==*==*== pAssiNg PhYsICs… It’s like waging a war and attaining victory… yes! I passed Physics and i also completed my NSTP requirement in less than a week… swerte considering the fact that andaming naghihirap magROTC at magdalawang sem to get the coveted GREEN CARD. Discovering that special journ- customized CWTS program is a blessing, sans what I endured of the close-minded arrogance of some people I’ve met in there. Mas marami namang mabait, in fairness. But the theoretical, all-knowing alecks- you just can’t remove some bad apples in the bunch. I choose not to dwell on those… I’m happy with my thing now… Antagal kong nde nag-online just to focus on my part time job and my exams in physics. I got a 32/40 on the third exam and a 25/40 on the finals. It’s a major improvement, a far cry from the 15/40 result i got from the first major exam…. in a nutshell, the last parts were a saving grace for me…. at nasinagan ako ng pag-asa na hindi pala ako bobo sa physics. kaya ko naman pala, napataas ko pa nga in a score i never expected i would have in the physics series. i just ought to have the right attitude about it. at syempre HOPE… TEN UNITS DOWN… i’m so happy with what i’ve accomplished in five weeks’ time… mahahabol ko ata yung delays ko from my LOA… i’m sure some of you are happy for me. thanks guys! =) ==*==*==*==*==*== the NOW news i’ll post muna the things fresh in my mind. i just came from Galeria Joaquin in San Juan and Diretso furniture haus in Bel-air (formerly Reposo), Makati. Two simultaneous art galleries are made by renowned realist-turned-abstract artist Carlo Magno. I interviewed him and I was with MB photographer Rudy Liwanag to take pictures of him with his paintings. He’s really nice and down-to-earth. As with most artists, he had a hard time expressing his feelings and thoughts with words, so I got most information from his organized wife, Suzanne. They treated us (me, kuya rudy and kuya michael- the driver) at Ricco Rizzo cafe near the posh Diretso (or something that sounds like it). It’s an artist’s cafe and art gallery at the same time. i liked the food. It was kinda expensive. no problem. they footed the bill. they’re that filthy rich! One Carlo Magno painting is enough to sustain my education in UP. I might even be able to take law school with the price of his paintings. Man! And it always gets sold out. It’s his fifteenth one-man show. Lucky, lucky me. I looooove paintings. I even got to talk to a renowned one. he’s been in the art scene for 20 years. i feel so good because my boss is entrusting me with such assignments. she may not say it directly, but this means she likes my work. in fact, she actually told me she liked the piece i did on honeymoon destinations… that will be out in june, i think… But that’s not all. I got the bonus of getting a ride in one of those PRESS vans. Cool! We had a joyride around Manila… medyo pinasyal nila ako at may mga kuwento about the things they covered in different departments in their job in MB. they gave me a lift home, talagang straight at our doorstep. My dad was so proud, the van was screaming Manila Bulletin all over it kasi at pumasok talaga sa kaloob-looban ng eskinita ng bahay namin…of course all our neighbors saw me come out of the news van… you know naman the gossip. this time, it’s the good kind. =) Funny, though! When I went in the intramuros office to meet up with kuya rudy for that coverage assignment, the people in the office though I was a cover model or something. hahahahaah… natawa talaga ako. nagulat sila na writer ako. they even got more surprised to learn that i’m an engineering major. even Carlo and Suzanne Magno were shocked to see that the person who set an appointment with them was only a year older than their only daughter who is studying in Benilde. I’ve been surprising many people in this job. I look like a high school student kasi. And they are encouraging me to take modelling stints in the print ad (since i’m not that vertically gifted). Well, why not di ba? Dagdag sweldo rin yun! =) My life is not always a basket of roses, but I’m happy with it. ==*==*==*==*==*== musings on online friends if i had known that keeping an online BLOG is this fun (not to mention effective as catharsis), i would have done it a long time ago! I used to have this limited mindset. I hated diversity. I only accepted my views as the only correct views in the world. Luckily, my experiences and exposure taught me that this world is a melting pot of cultures and concepts, and I need not limit myself to whatever was dictated as right by a certain minority. I used to be afraid of meeting friends online. I never liked to chat in MIRC or stuff which most people in high school got so addicted with. Hindi ako flexible noon. I’m trying to make up for lost time tuloy. Of course, I have conformed religiously back to the Catholic system, and I am happy to say that I’ve become very consistent with the things I’ve committed myself to doing now. I believe God because of things He’s done in my life, not merely because attested that He exists. I was able to find it our for myself deep in my heart of hearts. I may not understand Him, but He’s definitely there. one of the blessings of becoming more open-minded is that i was able to expand my horizons and meet new people. it’s ironic to say it, but i found more solace online than anywhere else in the world. i’ve met people who can actually relate to my rantings. i didn’t have to like what my other friends like. i don’t have to be obsessed with the same things as they do. but they’re my friends. at the same time i seek meeting new people who share my views, who have the same interests as mine. i don’t have to try too hard. people i never imagined i will ever get close with are actually the ones who encourage me and help me with my goals. physical distance was never a problem. one friend of mine was able to transcend the continental barriers and built a bond with me that i would never want to let go of ever! joyce, ikaw tong binabanggit ko! salamat talaga! i actually met someone who is OC, organized and halimaw with her rakets like me! ARVEE! I hope you reach this part of my LOOOOONG post… it’s nice knowing someone like you. you make me feel like i’m not alone with these raket stuff… i hope magkita na tau someday.Z and yeah, while i’m at it, babanggitin ko na rin si froi! froilan helped me land the job at sense and style. nasa new jersey siya. ang galing di ba… to my fellow bloggers, thanks for caring for me and checking my site. rest assured i do the same thing whenever i can. just keep your BLOG alive. an empty sheet will remain empty unless we give life to it with our words. to those who commented on my previoue entries, massive thanks. having someone “talk” to my entries is a very nice thing. it leaves me with good feelings… ==*==*==*==*==*== opinions from an ex-pessimist fatalist I’ve hopped on various BLOGS at nakita ko mas marami ung malungkot at pessimistic bloggers kaysa sa masaya. There are even angst-driven types. I used to be that. And i do understand how it feels to be on that end. IT SUCKS! I actually made a letter for these people I’ve mentioned… specifically, para to sa pinsan ko (kahit alam kong hindi naman siya dadaan dito sa BLOG ko) It sucks to be sad and hating life… So why stay there? Sometimes pag nasa bahay ako, i feel like i don’t have a family. i feel like no one can relate to the things i’m experiencing. these thoughts are normal. i used to dwell on these things. not now, though. i just feel it sometimes, pero what’s the use of being depressed about it? di ba? Yeah, it feels like shit sometimes, you can’t avoid that. Pero don’t make shitty your permanent mood… it will not only sicken you. It will banish any iota of care and concern other people might have for you. it’s easier to blame others for things that are happening in your life, but then, come to think of it, you are in control… you can’t change the way people think, the way people treat you, the circumstance, the weather… but God did not render you incapable! YOU CAN CHANGE YOURSELF! change the way you respond to things. change the way you view life. it’s your choice, really. you might think i’m saying all this because i don’t have much to ask for. i’m pretty gifted with many things, but didn’t you know that with greater power comes greater responsibility? everyone has talents. you don’t make talents but you detect them. and we’re not clones, for chrissake. so learn to love and appreciate yourself. stop comparing and competing. there’s no competition in this world. everyoen works on different timetables. yes, in sports and in school you might seem to feel like you have to beat your way to the top- but these are just institutions we have made. it doesn’t work that way with relationships. believe me. i wish you the best. i hope you get to find yourself in that jungle you’re in. i was once in there, and i was trying to find my way back, frantically searching for something, anything to hold on to. you can find you way out, i know that. just don’t lose hope. sometimes it may be all that you have, but it will keep you going and going and going… better days will come. i promise you that! ]]>

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