June 13

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  1. By imie on

    Hi helen, im very proud of you and want to be like you. Im a graduate of Bachelor in science in Civil Engineering from one of the University in Cebu. Im having my review this coming June and to take the board exam this Nov. 2012. Im very inspired because of ur tips. Thanks for it and hope to get a lot of tips from you. Thank you.

        1. By imie medilo on

          Yes.. I am an Engineer now. Thank you Helen. Ur one of my inspirations.:-)

          1. By helen (Post author) on

            Wow that’s awesome! Congratulations, Engineer Imie! 🙂 Email me! 🙂

  2. By Corina on

    Hi Helen!
    I’m glad you have joined us in our company. And thank God for your talent! I, too, is an aspiring writer. Though my passion is more on novels and short stories. You’ve inspired me to go back to my writing. I miss it and I know it’s never too late to start over again. Thanks for your blog!!

    1. By helen (Post author) on

      Ate Coyyyyy! 🙂 Let’s keep writing. So happy to be a geodetic engineer at our side too. <3

  3. By Michael Marin on

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    – Michael

  4. By Van Kleeman on

    You can definitely see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers like you who aren’t afraid to say how they believe. Always go after your heart.

  5. By Shanghai on

    I emailed you but it bounced back – I replied to one of your mail in my yahoo account way back Nov 2012 (na niw ko lang nabasa)..

  6. By A concerned citizen _ Chris Watters on

    YOUR BLOG IS STILL BEING USED BY THE HACKERS! Please notify your ISP imediately and change your adminsitrative user names and passwords. It is being used to steal the personal information and defraud our customers.

  7. By Van Florentino on

    Hi, Helen!:-) Just wanna ask who’s hosting this site? May downtime ba or ok ang service? How many months mo na pala sya ginagamit? Sorry daming tanong.

    Thank you very much:-)

    1. By helen (Post author) on

      Hi Ma’am Van, this blog is hosted by a shared server of a good friend of mine. Actually, I don’t maintain it as much, I just write on WordPress blogging interface. Try Cavhost, I heard it’s good, local, and reliable. I’ve been using this since November 2010. 😉

  8. By April Rose on

    Ate helen, sorry for not contacting you ha.. Super salamat sa tips mo. Ayun, success! Super thanks talaga. I’ll share ur blog sa fb if u dont mind.

    1. By helen (Post author) on

      Oh wow congratulations! Engineer ka naaaa! hahahaha. 🙂 Sure sure, do share. Take care. Mwah! See you sa next family reunion. Yey!

    1. By helen (Post author) on

      Hi Arc! This blogging thing is a lifestyle and I have to maintain it because even way before we started working I was doing this. I cannot really imagine journeying otherwise. 😉

    1. By helen (Post author) on

      Hey Nonoy kumusta!!!! You’re back! Or, I’m back? Hahahaha long time no hear!

  9. By eruel on

    Hi ate elen. Im a civil engineering student. This is my 2nd sem. Can you give me some advice for the board exam? Thank you ? please email me. 🙂

    1. By helen (Post author) on

      Hi Eruel! Sorry for responding late. I was really busy. I am going to email you now. 🙂

  10. By Rhona Rey on

    Helen! Still remember me? From college? We lost connection but somehow I managed to find you again, 2010 GE Topnotchers. 🙂 let’s catch up, e-mail me soon!

    1. By helen (Post author) on

      Woi Rhonaaaaa hahahaha hey! I have been trying to reach you tapos bigla kang nawala. Wait I’ll email you sis. 🙂 See you soon, hopefully!

  11. By KC on

    Hi. I like your blog posts on wheninmanila. I have a lot of thoughts to share on ebooks and wonderful things to read. One such book is Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon. Looking to share inspiration with all kinds of creative people. If you want to share your thoughts as well, my email is available. Happy Reading!

    1. By helen (Post author) on

      Hi KC! Thanks for this! I just emailed you! <3 I look forward to hearing more book recommendations and discussing with you!!! <3

  12. By kim golbeque on

    Hi, engr! 🙂 Im a 3rd year student from Bicol University, taking up, well Geodetic engineering 🙂 as early as this time, im getting very excited for the board and a little bit nervous. Our school just offered this course last 2010 or 2011 i think. so, there are no passers yet. Our pioneer batch will take the board this year. Seeing you as a top notcher and a UP graduate inspire me to be a GE also, but im worried about the topics that will show up on the day of exam.Please Please give me an advice or tips in preparing for the board, the topics and etc. THANK YOU THANK YOU VERY MUCH Eng.Helen 🙂 im looking forward for your reply 🙂

    1. By helen (Post author) on

      Hi Kim! Thank you for visiting Helena! Wow! I am happy that I am helping you get motivated for the board exam. To be quite honest, I haven’t really practiced since last year. My life took unexpected turns and I ended up deciding not to pursue it for my career. Pero I am grateful pa rin na I took the board exam and got the license at the time. Plus it’s a gift that keeps on giving because I still get messages from people na natutulungan sila nung blog post series ko on how to top the board exam.

      It’s good to know Bicol University is now offering GE. Medyo kaunti lang ang schools offering this e; I still get the “Ano yun? Genetic engineering?” question from people when they ask me anong tinapos kong course. HAHA. 😀 I always have to explain and the most basic traditional explanation is the one about mojons and subdividing properties, though it’s not really just that these days. Good ice breaker though. Haha. Are you planning to do field work like our ancestors or are you into practicing geomatics and the exciting world of web development with GIS mapping?

      Okay, tips… Here in this blog, I had an entire series here of board exam tips. I wrote them a month after I passed the board exam para fresh na fresh pa sa memory ko yung mga techniques ko in reviewing when I share them with you. Five years ago is already half a decade and it’s really a loooong time ago. As you’ve seen, very specific ang mga tips na naibigay ko kasi fresh pa talaga from memory yan. In summary, it’s all a combination of time management, industrious practice, sacrifices, synergy with my board exam bestfriends, prayers, and sa totoo lang may luck factor din sa actual exam kung lalabas yung inaral mo. 🙂 May mga inaral ako na hindi lumabas. Pero mga 80% lumabas kasi inaral ko lahat. You increase your luck by covering more topics.

      Basta kung afford mo na ma-review ang entire coverage of your exam at least three times, you’re good to go. First pass during review class, second pass during refresher classes, and third pass during your personal study time. If you can do a fourth, you’ve done more than I have during my time haha. And it’s always good to do that. You need to manage your time talaga. Make sacrifices with your time and social life because it’s temporary and for a good cause. I switched off my Facebook that time, masyadong distracting kasi for me. I did not particularly enjoy staying with competitive classmates or people from other schools. You don’t need that kind of extra pressure or negative energy when you are focusing on your goals lang. I made friends and we shared our review materials to each other pero I had my own thing going din pag nagre-review ako. May kakilala ako na nagdo-DOTA lang pero nag-top pa sa board exam pero ako kasi, I did not want to take any chances. Maigi na napaghandaan ko at hindi ko pagsisihan kasi binigay ko talaga lahat ng effort ko to achieve it. Yung iba siyempre ayaw nila i-reveal na nag-effort sila to top the exam or get their license as part of their bragging rights. I respect their beliefs but ako, I really worked it out.

      Also, take into account your particular learning style. I naturally like reading books. I used that to my advantage and got as many books as humanely possible at nag-solve ako ng nag-solve. Dapat kakambal mo na yung calculator mo, tipong kabisado mo na yung buttons kahit nakapikit ka. Haha. Some of my other besties, visual learners sila so may drawing drawing yung index cards nila at cartolina sa wall. Yung iba since grupo nag-stay sa apartment tapos nagrereview together, may mga mnemonic device kung saan-saan like sa fridge, sa CR, sa dingding, sa ceiling. Haha. Sobrang effective talaga nung mga nilagay ko sa manila paper sa dingding; talagang hindi ko nalimutan yung mga formula doon. May nakalagay pa sa tuktok na “Good morning, topnotch Engr. Helen Mary Labao” to motivate me daily sa umaga. Overkill talaga yung preparations ko, parang lulusob sa giyera. Haha. Ako na nga yung inaawat ng mga friends ko sa sobrang intense ko nung time na yun.

      In hindsight, medyo intense yung ginawa ko to get my license. In fact, pati nanay ko nagagalit kasi kapag nanonood sila ng TV sa tanghali nagagalit ako kasi ang ingay. I ended up moving out. People’s lives will not stop just because I have a goal. I had to make those adjustments because only I can understand the extent of my reviewing needs.

      Just keep it creative and fun habang inaaral mo. In my experience, the more fun you have during the review, the easier it is to remember the concepts especially yung mga RA at PD sa land laws! 😀 Tsaka magdasal ka rin. Nasa Quiapo ako nun then nagdasal talaga ako ng sobra. I had friends in the convent praying for me rin while I do the work. Nakatulong din yun na mabawasan yung kaba ko. Nag-iiyakan na nga sa Mass yung mga ka-review namin kasi pressured na pressured sila. Ako nun, parang chill na lang ako a week before the exam kasi ang aga kong nag-review. I stopped reviewing a week before. I think nagpa-spa yata ako nun or nanood ako ng movies at basically hindi na talaga ako sumisilip sa reviewers ko. Pinahinga ko talaga utak ko. Kinakabahan pa rin ako at nag-LBM pa ako during the first day of the exam, pero sobrang nakatulong yung aking early preparation and the idea na ginawa ko na lahat ng posible. Pati pagsuot ng red underwear na pamahiin ginawa ko. At tsaka naglagay ako ng coin sa medyas ko. Haha. Wala talaga akong pinalampas na preparations. Nakakatawa lang talaga yung ginawa kong iba hahahahaha.

      Sana ma-enjoy mo. Yung mga naging ka-close ko during board exam, a few of them are still my bestfriends at ninong at ninang sa magiging baby ko. <3 Yung iba nga dun pa nakakapag-asawa. 🙂 Iba talaga ang bonding ng board exam.

      Good luck and I hope to hear from you next time as Engr. Kim. 🙂

  13. By George Lazarte on

    i saw and read your blog about a Discalced Carmelite Novice. It was touching, beautiful, and inspiring.

    i am well versed on anything about cloistered nun/monks and if you have questions about Carmel, please feel free to email me.

    i am currently doing research on monastic life


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